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PHP is a basic programming language which every computer science student should. This programming language is taught during the four-year Engineering course. In order to crack interview in college and during job placement it is necessary for students to have a basic knowledge of PHP. This programming language frequently questions during interviews because PHP has a lot of requirement in IT sector these days.

Students need to understand what all are the vital PHP interview questions. They just can't study anything and everything a few days before an interview. To make things simple students can refer to our collection of PHP Interview Questions and Answers.

So let us first understand what PHP is and why is it required?

Basic Introduction to PHP

PHP stands for Personal Home Page, and this is the old name. This is also known as Hypertext Pre-processor which is a programming language. It creates dynamic content that is allowed by the web developers. It is required mainly to interact with the databases like MySQL, Oracle, Solid, Sybase, and generic ODBC. One should have prior knowledge of a few other programming languages before they move to PHP.

The imperative programming languages are:

  • CSS: This is known as Cascading Style Sheets. They add styles to a web document. They simplify the process of presenting a web page.
  • HTML: This is known as HyperText Markup Language. They are mainly used for creating web pages and web applications.
  • JavaScript: It is a prototype-based and is supported by object-oriented. The language is dynamic in nature. This is a programming language of HTML and the web.
  • Jquery: This is a JavaScript library which generally simplifies HTML and CSS animation.
  • Oops is known as Object Oriented Programming: It mainly designs the applications. This has an object and a class. In PHP Oops helps in creating modular web applications. Activities can be performed in the object model structure. Advantages of Oops in PHP are code reusability, abstraction, code maintainability, and molecularity.

IT sector has a significant requirement of this language because it is used for developing web-based software applications. This is a very common question which the interviewers ask to understand whether the student knows this term or not. There are students who focus on high-level PHP interview questions. However, the interviewer usually asks basic questions in order to find out if the student has a strong base in PHP. Moving forward let’s find out the basic PHP questions which students can prepare it quickly.

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Important points of PHP

  • They should know the history of PHP. The father of PHP is Rasmus Lerdorf. While studying for PHP students should the scripting engine of PHP, and that is known as Zend Engine 2.
  • The popular frameworks of PHP are Laravel, CakePHP, Yii2, Codelgniter, Symfony and Zend Framework.
  • PHP has a resemblance with Pearl and C. PHP has taken syntax from both of this programming language.
  • Some of the standard features of PHP7 are Spaceship operator, Scalar type declaration, Group use declaration, Anonymous classes, Return type declaration, Null coalescing operator, Generator returns expressions and Generator delegation.
  • Printing in PHP is important. Printworks as an output string. There is no requirement of parenthesis with the argument list, and it always returns 1. Syntax: int print (string $arg).
  • It is necessary to declare a variable in PHP. Generally PHP variable is a memory location name which can hold data. It is temporary storage in this language.
  • There are two different ways of defining a constant in PHP. These are names or identifiers, and it cannot be changed while executing a script.

    The two ways of defining them are:

    define() function, syntax: define (name, value, case-insensitive)

    const() function, syntax: const(name, value, case-sensitive)

  • There are eight different data types which students should particularly know, and they hold different types of values. These eight come under three categories: Scalar types (boolean, integer, float and string), compound types (array and object), and special types (resource and null).
  • The various types of loops in PHP are: For, while do-while and for each.
  • Echo is one or more output string in PHP. This main language construct and hence parenthesis are not required. However, in order to pass one or more parameters, the parenthesis is required. Syntax: void echo (string $arg 1 [, string $...])
  • The array is an important part of any programming. In PHP array stores multiple values in a single value. It maps the orders of keys and values. Data collection of data type is stored in it. PHP has different types of arrays like indexed, associative and multidimensional.

    The different array functions are in PHP

    • array(): The work of it is to create and return an array. Multidimensional arrays can be created by it.
    • array_change_key_case(): All the cases of all key is changed by this function.
    • array_chunk(): The job of this function is to split the array into chunks.
    • count(): All the elements can be counted through this array function.
    • sort(): All the elements are sorted through this array function.
    • array_reverse(): The function of this array is to return the array which has an element in the reverse order.
    • array_search(): It can search a specific value in an array.
    • array_intersect(): It intersects two arrays together.
  • PHP has string function which gets the length of the string and some string functions are

    String functions in PHP

    • strtolower()
    • strtoupper()
    • strlen()
    • strrev()
    • ucfirst()
    • lcfirst()
    • ucwords()
    • bin2hex()
    • addcslashes()
    • chop()
  • The methods to submit the form in PHP is through GET and POST.
  • In PHP it is easy to include files by using include or require functions.

    The example of PHP include is

    The example of PHP require is

  • PHP has various functions through which a file can be read. The read functions are fread(), fgets() and fgetc().
  • Similarly, files can be written using the function w, r+, w+, x+, c or c+.
  • There are three different kinds of errors in PHP. In order to stop an execution in PHP use exit() function.

    Types of errors in PHP

    • Notices: These are known non-critical error, and they are not displayed to the users.
    • Warnings: These are known as serious error. However, there is no script termination. But this error is not displayed to the user by default.
    • Fatal Errors: These are considered the most critical errors. Such errors are caused because of the termination of the script.
  • Some of the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in PHP are WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal.
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