Updated on 05 Jul 2019 | 3 Min Read

Like a storm, Laravel has hit the PHP community, and with time, the demand for this feature-treasured, advanced framework is only increasing. Whether you are a current or future PHP aspirant, continuing with this list of benefits of Laravel over other PHP frameworks will help you best face tough PHP interview questions effectively. We will discuss here some of the most developer's preferred features of Laravel globally, which makes it a standalone option among other available frameworks. Let’s continue further.

Benefits of Laravel

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Error Handling
  • Zero Technical Vulnerability
  • Excellent Testing Work Automation
  • Easy Routing Configure
  • Database Migration
  • Higher Security

Authentication & Authorization System Building

This one is a must practice with every other Laravel interview questions. Who doesn't require a fortifying authentication and authorization system for web applications!!! It’s an absolute necessity these days. Compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel makes authorization and authentication implementation very straightforward and highly secured as every option here is configured out of the box. With its simple control access to resources and organize authorization logic, the Laravel framework could be everything that a web application owner may ask for.

Zero Technical Vulnerability

Web development and security vulnerabilities go side by side. With its incredibly guarded and advanced codebase, Laravel is definitely well ahead of the rest of PHP frameworks to secure your web applications even against some of the most severe security risks such as cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and plenty more. The code available here is vetted and approved by several individuals.

Guaranteed Configuration Exception & Error Handling

Application errors can have an impact on app stability, user satisfaction, and usability. Every Laravel based project is pre-configured for exception and error handling. In addition to this, it is also integrated with the Monolog logging library, offering users powerful and highly satisfying log handlers. Configuration exception and error handling part here could invite a number of high interviewers demanding PHP questions. So, we would suggest practicing this section well.

Excellent Testing Work Automation

Another out of the box feature that helps developers much. Laravel comes with support for PHPUnit. A phpunit.xml file is available in setup for the application. The framework also supports convenient helper methods allowing developers for expressive testing of any web application. Laravel also offers secure ways to stimulate the necessary behavior of users.

Few Other Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

  • Laravel offers modular packaging with a dependency manager based on the composer.
  • It supports the implementation of the advanced active-record-pattern and Eloquent ORM.
  • It supports globally preferred database platforms such as PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • Laravel offers a Blade templating engine, which is simple yet flexible.
  • It has IO components to handle responses and requests.
  • Laravel comes with unit testing support.