Lowe's Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Jan 19, 2024
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Lowes Interview Questions

We know you are eagerly looking for some interview questions as your interview is scheduled with Lowe’s in the upcoming days and you are a bit stressed. Before going through some good Lowe interview questions let’s understand what Lowe is and why a career in Lowe could be a good one. Everyone has a dream of a perfect home and wants to improve it by placing perfect things. Lowe can be your friend. For avid DIYers and home maintenance lovers, a visit to Lowe’s could be more enjoyable than a shopping trip. It is a perfect chance to involve themselves in the sawdust-covered world they admire. Many people who do not have extra time for their hobbies but earn good, want to make their home as good as it can be. The average US household recorded sales of ninety billion dollars in 2020 and spends at least eight thousand dollars on home improvements. With 200,000 workers worldwide as of right now, Lowe's is constantly hiring.

Anyone who likes home improvement could jump at the chance to work at Lowe’s. And because of their huge knowledge about home improvement, they are trained enough to handle a Lowe’s interview but don’t assume it will be a cakewalk. All interviews have some challenges associated with them, and you must prepare a plan to ace that interview.

Most Frequently Asked Lowes Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Lowes Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What can you tell us about Lowe’s?

The enquirer can put this question to check how much research you have done before coming to the interview. Prior research will show you are more prepared for the interview.

Situated in North America, Lowe's specializes in business ideas about how customers may improve their homes with various items including paint, cookware, garden supplies, building supplies, etc. It was established in 1946, and in 1996 it unveiled its initial website. The mission statement of Lowe’s shows that the company gives a lot of importance on delivering the right home improvement products to its consumers with the best service, value, and product quality.

Q2. Who are the main customers of Lowe’s?

This is another chance to tell the interviewer how much you know about the company. You should know that this giant company serves two types of customers. Explain your answer well to show the interviewer that you did your homework well.

Lowe’s serves two types of customers.

Pro Customers Retail Customers
These customers support Lowe's business activities and represent up to 20-25% of their total sales. These customers are usually individual homeowners and renters who conduct personal projects.
Maintenance, Repair, construction trades, and operation groups all come under Pro customers. It follows DIY (Do-it-yourself) and DIFM(Do-it-for-me) customers.
Q3. How would you handle a customer who needs something but doesn't able to recall the name of it?

If you are working in a store like Lowe’s, you should expect that customers will seek your advice about a particular item by giving a description only. Sometimes they don’t have any idea about the product they are looking for and feel a bit nervous in the store.

  • I will question them about the appearance of the merchandise.
  • I would ask about the space of the house that a specific product involves and where that product is used.
  • I would show them relatable products and ask if it is helpful.
  • If the problem still occurs, I will seek my supervisor’s help.
Q4. How would you react if your supervisor asks to complete an unsafe task?

In a large-scale home improvement store like Lowe’s, the nature of the craft itself can pose potential dangers. The interviewer aims to gauge your approach as an employee concerning the significant risk of injuries due to unsafe work practices. How do you prioritize safety and demonstrate responsible behavior in such an environment?

  • I will repeat the request to make sure that I 100% understand the task.
  • Investigate different questions with my supervisor which could increase the chance of reaching a favorable solution.
  • Enlighten my manager about the pros and cons of the task.
  • I would ask for an alternate solution to handle the task.
  • If I feel that this task has risk associated with it, I will articulate my concern to my supervisor.
Q5. Tell us your experience with DIY projects?

By now you must have realized that Lowe’s main clients are for home improvement DIY projects. There are high chances that you will be asked about your prior experience in DIY projects. Even though this experience is not mandatory for the job, it can increase your chance to nail the interview.

I really like doing things for myself that make me freelance and independent. I have redone my lecture room and achieved nice results. I have also redone my house walls several times and even built a bird's nest in my garden. I relish doing DIY projects.

Q6. Tell us if you have ever made a customer service mistake?

As Lowe’s is very much concerned about its customers and expects to value all its customers. The interviewer is checking if you have learned some lessons from your experience that can help you in this job.

I had to deal with a shopper who shouted at me as his order got delayed. I lost the client as I talked to him with a bit high voice. From this, I have learned to stay calm and professional with all the customers no matter how difficult they may be. Because an upset customer is a client lost.

Q7. What inspires you to work with Lowe?

Talk about your personal interests in home improvement projects. Lowe’s is a giant market leader in this industry and can open a gate of learning opportunities for me. I am very good at managing people and I believe by adding this skill I can achieve business success at Lowe’s.

Q8. How would you handle an upset customer?

Every retailer must value its customers if they don’t want to lose them, including Lowe’s. So, it is very important to put customer satisfaction ahead of anything. Every retailer follows this statement that the Customer is always right, and your job is to help them anyway. Convince your interviewer that you will handle the customer with the right professional skills.

  • Ask them what makes them disappointed.
  • Question them in a calm and understanding manner.
  • If they couldn’t be able to trace an item, I will find it for them.
  • If they are not happy with a purchased item, I will tell them about Lowe’s return and exchange policy.
  • Once I understand their concern, I will be empathic and present a solution to them.
  • I will apologize for the inconvenience they had to face.
Q9. If you are told to do repetitive tasks, what would you do to stay motivated?

Everybody knows that a job is never exciting. It's not always fun to work at a profession where you have to perform monotonous or repeated activities. This question is designed to learn more about a candidate's personality and their self-motivation as these are the keys to a company’s success.

When I am asked to do repetitive tasks, I stay motivated by concentrating on the importance of that job. If it is not so exciting that doesn’t mean it is less critical and it is not important at all. By doing that job with all my heart I ensured my supervisor that I can excel in the role. Ultimately, it’s my passion for learning that always encourages me to move forward regardless of how repetitive the task is.

Q10. What is excellent customer service according to you?

Since Lowe’s values its customers most, you must tell great customer service to hold the position you are interviewing for. The employer wants to check how will you provide excellent customer service to the people who want home improvement or anything.

  • Excellent customer service means going beyond the customer’s expectations rather than meeting their expectations.
  • Great customer service makes the customer fulfilled whether it was from your pleasant interaction or from the assistance you have offered to them.
  • If the customers feel they have made the best purchase decision means great customer service is provided to them.
  • If they ensure that they will surely visit your store next time means excellent customer service they have received.
  • If a client feels that their time is being valued in the Lowe’s and they didn’t face any problem in tracing an item.
  • Providing your customers with knowledgeable and meaningful resources is also a part of great customer service.

Don’t make the mistake to think that interview will be quite easy. Like any other technical job interview, Lowe’s interview process is also full of situational, behavioral, and general questions. So, dig in. Prepare all these questions and plan a strategy that ensures you put your best in the interview. Once done, your effort could not be ignored during the interview by hiring managers.

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