OpenCart Interview Questions

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A Quick Overview of OpenCart
OpenCart Interview Questions

Best OpenCart Interview Questions And Answers

OpenCart is an online shopping cart system that allows designers to create feature rich, search engine friendly and with an appealing website. It is because of its user-friendly interface and simple installation; it does not take time to configure a new store with this platform.

It was developed by Christopher G. Mann in year 1998. It was publically released in May 1999.

  • Simplicity & Light weight
  • Fast & easy to learn
  • Responsive Design & Multilingual Support
  • In built User management
  • Discount, Offers, Coupons and Options and Properties
  • Having different payment options
  • Review and Ratings
  • Parallax Effect & Lazy Load etc

The latest version of OpenCart is This version was released in Jan 2019.

  • Go to Download page and download the latest version.
  • Extract the downloaded file in your and then navigate to the "upload" directory.
  • Rename the these files which ids placed in upload directory.
    • Rename "config-dist.php" to "config.php"
    • Also rename "admin/config-dist.php" to "admin/config.php"
  • Make the writable permission to these given files and directories.
    • system/storage/ complete folder
    • image complete folder
    • config.php and admin/config.php
    • Now configure your database connections in config file in upload folder.
    • Now it has been almost installed

It is a free, simple, powerful and open source eCommerce platform that can help us to built eCommerce website for selling our products & services.

It is ecommerce CMS solution that offers various features for online retailers. It is an open source and free to use which makes it a cost-effective solution for all small and medium ecommerce sites.

  • User-friendly and Capability : For managing Magento we should have some programming and technical knowledge than for OpenCart. Magento is fully customizable, flexible, having various SEO resources and manyl extensions while OpenCart does not have.
  • Support and Popularity : Magento is very powerful as compared to OpenCart. Both having their communities and always ready to help the clients. Quality of programmers are very high in Magento as compared to OpenCart.
  • Costs of Extensions and Hosting Plans : Magento's cost is double as compared to OpenCart in hosting, extensions and premium templates, since OpenCart is lightweight.

Conclusion : Magento is best choice for large business with huge budget and OpenCart is best for small business with low budget. It depends on users to choose a platform according to their need & requirements.

  • OpenCart is very Simple and Easy-to-Learn
  • It is lightweight eCommerce platform with several eCommerce features.
  • Opencart is easy to modify and Understand.
  • It offers various shipping and payment methods to choose from and several modules are free.
  • It provides New backend interface in from 2.0
  • It gives much faster & clear Responsive Front end now
  • Coding changes
  • Alternative of VQMOD
  • Extension installed
  • More Payment Methods
  • API etc
  • 2Checkout
  • Amazon Pay
  • Authorize.Net
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery
  • PayPal
  • WorldPay Online Payments
  • Free Checkout
  • Alipay Pay
  • Cheque / Money Order
  • First Data EMEA Connect etc

It is a system that allows users to be able to modify their store by uploading a compressed file which contains XML file and SQL file and PHP files.

It is a type of add-ons like plugins or extensions in other CMS. These modules gives us the ability to enhance its functionality without edit its application files.

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