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Believe it or not, more than 80% of websites globally use PHP as their core scripting language. This impartially indicates the popularity of this open-source, server-side development language, making it one of most business demanding tech skills for recruiters all over the globe. Here we will include a thorough discussion regarding the best PHP frameworks of 2019, which is going to be a crucial part of your PHP interview questions. The ability to simplify the complex development process of coding by offering a user-preferred and friendly platform where the creation of powerful applications is possible with shortest time consumption makes PHP a beloved tech expertise to opt for among countless development niche aspirants. If you are one of them, then continue further to learn more.

So, What is a PHP Framework?

A PHP framework is a library of files, which also includes some of the basic functions, to serve as a base for users to develop a project more effectively and efficiently. With the availability of great tools and feature sets, PHP frameworks ensure quick development of web applications with fast loading and response speed. They can also perform cross-platform with great database diversity, CMS support, and improved stability.

Best PHP Frameworks to Work in 2019


This one is probably the most favored, open-source PHP framework. Introduced in 2011, Laravel still has the development magic that makes it standalone. It extremely simplifies common tasks such as security, authentication, routing, and caching. It allows easy customization of applications such as data migration, support for MVC architecture, and security to fulfill development needs at its best. Security will be the prime feature for this PHP framework.

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The 100% 100% backward compatibility feature of CakePHP makes it ideal for development. As it's a CRUD framework (create – read – update – delete), it's easy to learn for beginners and allows standalone library creation. With the inclusion of technologies such as XSS protection (cross-site scripting), CSRF protection (cross-site request forgery) and input validation, it offers outstanding additional security to your applications.

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Started in 2005, Symfony is a reliable framework due to its long existence and timely improvement. Known for its extensive PHP MVC framework that fulfills all PHP standards, Symfony is extremely flexible. It can be integrated with other projects such as Drupal to be used on various platforms effortlessly. Due to the availability of reusable components, less memory space, and module system here, faster application development is possible with Symfony. It also offers interoperability which enables the use of various software building blocks for developers.

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Zend Framework

Code reusability is probably the best feature of the Zend Framework. The object-oriented approach, present of excellent dev tools, advanced components, vast libraries, own model selection liberty, large and active community give Zend Framework this spot in our list.

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Introduce to the global community in 2006, CodeIgniter has quickly become a fan favorite due to its speed and prebuilt modules, which eventually makes coding simpler and promotes fast development. CodeIgniter is another ideal PHP framework for beginners due to its availability with a simple set of libraries. With great stability and well-illustrated database, it can definitely be a great choice for your development preference.

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It's more like an extension of PHP as it's using C and Coo language. This one includes great features such as caching, asset management, universal autoloader, and more. Capable of extraordinary performance, Phalcon is incredibly fast due to the usage of minimal memory space.

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