WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023
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WordPress Interview Questions

Thinking of making your career as a WordPress Developer? Well, going in the right direction I must say. We should be thankful for the year 2003, as the first version was released this year. Today WordPress holds a market share of around 57.5% or to say it in other words it owns over one-third of the web. You will find infinite opportunities from all the reputed companies and we will help you to grab one of these opportunities by providing deep knowledge of WordPress Interview Questions and Answers. In this social era, designing a good and attractive website for any business is so common to attract customers from all social platforms.

Quick Facts About WordPress
What is the latest version of WordPress? 6.4, released on November 7, 2023
Created By Matt Mullenweg
What language does WordPress use? PHP
WordPress License GNU Public License

Most Frequently Asked WordPress Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked WordPress Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q11. What are the importers in WordPress?

In Wordpress, an importer is a tool, which is used to migrate content from an existing WP website to another one. This tool can also be used to move a website from the localhost, i.e. local server to an online hosted server.

Using WordPress importer, you can migrate different data like:

  • New Posts, pages, or other custom created post types
  • Comments in posts
  • Custom fields and post metadata
  • Categories, tags, and other terms from custom taxonomies section
  • Authors on the website
Q12. How to create custom Post In WordPress?

Custom posts types in WordPress are the new post types that developers can create. You can add a custom post type via the register_post_type() function, which allows the developers to define the new post type by labels, features, and availability.

Or we can also create custom post type with the helps of plugins.

  • Custom Post Type UI
  • Custom Field
Q13. What is shortcode in WordPress? How we can use it?

Shortcodes in WordPress are specific codes that allow the developers to do various tasks with minimal effort. Shortcodes are used to simplify tasks such as creating objects or embedding files that require lots of coding in a single line. A Shortcode is synonymous to the shortcut. WordPress has five built-in shortcodes- audio, embed, caption, video, and gallery.


1. You can call shortcode function like this :
echo do_shortcode('[display_related_posts]');

2. In your function.php you can make
function display_related_posts($array = array()) {
      return 'BestInterviewQuestion.com';
add_shortcode('display_related_posts', 'display_related_posts');

Q14. What is wp_footer() in WordPress?
It is a type of action hook where the code is dynamically added to a theme in between footer tag. With the help of these functions, we can insert plugins additional code into footer tag.

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

Q15. Is WordPress safe from brute force login attempts if not how can you prevent such an attack?

Yes. WordPress has all the tools and features to prevent any malicious attacks or brute force attacks on your website. All you need is to make sure you have completed these tasks given below.

Make a strong password and username for your WordPress admin login page and not only this, but the users which have been given editing permissions by you must also have strong passwords.

Having a good firewall can save you from trouble. It doesn't guarantee to eliminate brute force attacks but it can save you from malicious attacks. Make sure to have two-factor authentication or 2FA. WordPress will ask you for confirmation before login in either on your mobile or by email. There is a simple free plugin called Limit Login Attempts Reloaded which will limit the number of logins on your login page. And finally, Always keep your WordPress updated. WordPress brings all new security features on every update.

Q16. How to add custom dynamic sidebars in WordPress?

A Sidebar in WordPress is an area where widgets can be used with a theme and this area is also termed as a Widgetized area. In WordPress, sidebar is created by using a function named as register_sidebar() function. The widget zed area should be registered in WordPress supported the theme as they are presentational. The sidebar function takes only one argument of an associative array of parameters that set the options for the widget area. Wrap $args array and register_sidebar() both are separate functions that can be called on ‘widgets_init’ hooks. In short, with the use of register_sidebar() method/ function users can add sidebars to WordPress. Syntax code for the creation of sidebar-

$args = array(
   'name' => __( 'Sidebar name', 'theme_text_domain' ),
   'id' => 'unique-sidebar-id',
   'description' => '',
   'class' => '', 'before_widget' => '<li id="%1$s" class="widget %2$s">',
   'after_widget' => '</li>',
   'before_title' => '<h2 class="widgettitle">',
   'after_title' => '</h2>'


Q17. How does WordPress interact with databases?

There are many ways when WordPress can interact with databases like using functions like get_posts(), wp_get_post_terms(), wp_query(), and $wpdb(). From all these functions the most effective function to get a database table out of WordPress is the $wpdb() function. $wpdb is a global function and hence is declared with global keyword.

global $wpdb;

Q18. How to Create a Widget in WordPress?

Widget is defined as a configurable code snippet which makes it possible to customize the functionality and appearance of a WordPress blog. Users can access the widgets page form the appearance menu effectively. Widgets in WordPress allow you to drag and drop the elements into the sidebar of your website. WordPress is featured with a standard set of widgets that you can use with any theme of WordPress. In order to create a customer widget in WordPress, it is important for the customers.

  • In order to create a site-specific plugin, paste the code functions .php file (theme’s file)
  • add your code to appearance >> widgets pages
  • register with ‘wpb_widget’ and load customer widgets
Q19. When Should You Not Recommend WordPress to a Client?

WordPress has many advantages but sometimes it can get costly for small businesses. This happens when you have a big website and less knowledge to even edit content.

WordPress, CMS requires regular maintenance every 2-3 months for which you need to hire a WordPress developer. These developers will make your website more of a code reliable than plugins reliable. When this happens you will not be able to customize and edit pages and content by yourself and hire more developers instead which will increase the cost of the project.

The second thing is when your website deals with a piece of sensitive information or you are worried more about your website's security, you should not use WordPress because it is prone to attacks by hackers. 1/3rd of all websites are created on WordPress and hence it becomes popular among hackers too since they have too many targets.

Q20. What WordPress plugins do you use for SEO?

Here is a list of some best picks which we think will do the honors. Name any 3-4 and be sure to study about them in brief.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Google XML sitemaps
  • SEO framework
  • SEO squirrely
  • WP meta SEO
  • Rank Math
  • SEO press
  • AIOSEO (All In One SEO)

WordPress Developer Interview Questions

"Why do we actually need a WordPress developer?". People want to build amazing websites with it. But whenever these websites become more and more complex and heavy, admins all over the world will search for a good WordPress developer.

WordPress Developer Interview Questions
These are the qualities an interviewer is looking for in their candidates and we are here to help you achieve them. So let's begin with WordPress Developer Interview Questions. The desirable qualities of a developer are to be able to manage both the front-end and back-end website management and you can do this when you have a good grasp of the web programming languages and knowledge of all the important tools and plugins.
  • Which function is used to get the website URL in WordPress?
  • What is the custom field in the website?
  • What are the points to remember while using plugins in WordPress?
  • What techniques can be used to prevent brute force login attacks?
  • How would you change all the occurrences of "Best Interview Questions" into "Best Interview Question & Answers" in post/page contents, when viewed before 1 AM?


The demand for this website management system is so huge that there could be many more questions related to it but we have tried to cover most of them. By going through these WordPress interview questions and practicing more of them, you will surely gain confidence in your preparation and are ready to take one step forward in cracking your interview. In the end, we all are human and mistakes are an integral part of being human. Let us know if you found some mistakes or important questions which we missed. If you are looking for an opportunity to move ahead in your career as a WordPress developer or if you are looking for WordPress Developer Interview Questions for Freshers or Experienced that can help you crack your interview.

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