How to crack the interview in the first attempt

Preparing and Appearing for an interview is the most difficult step to grab a dream job. Every job seeker has a large skill and expertise, but some little know-how to reference them. If the interviewee is able to identify their own skills then he/she will get the right job easily. Investing time on a daily basis will eventually help you in preparing for the Interview. It is a fact that the interview cannot be cleared by an individual with the one-night study but can be cleared if an individual will starve and working hard to crack the interview. In order to crack the interview in the first attempt, it will be imperative for the interviewee to encapsulate good general and academic knowledge. Well said by some famous personality that “ Grabbing a dream job in the first step is like finding a pearl in an Oyster”. In the blog, some of the tips and tricks are mentioned that enable an individual to crack the HR interview Questions in the first step.

Interview failure factors

There is a number of factors that become a failure factor for the candidate, as these factors decelerate the morale and confidence of the interviewee in front of the interviewer. The factors like poor grooming, discourteous and ungraceful body language, poor manners, vague responses, poor diction, unappealing resume, lack of punctuality, poor waiting hall behavior, monetary benefits-centric approach, etc.

Groom and polish behavioral aspects

To crack the interview in the very first attempt, it will be imperative for the interviewee to avoid unfavorable behavioral aspects such as lack of personal or career goals, lack of enthusiasm and confidence, not owning up responsibility for the mistakes, lack of emotional integrity, negative and cynical attitude, over-reacting, lacking sense of humor, etc. To crack the interview in the first attempt, it will be a learning objective of the individual to avoid dramatic behavioral aspects in front of the interviewee.

Establish common thing with the interviewer

According to the similarity-attraction hypothesis, to maintain compatibility and fluency between two diversified people, both of the persons must have a similar thinking process. So, in order to convince the interviewer, try to understand some of the favorite topics in the context of knowledge and attempt to include that topic into your discussion. Moreover, try to answer each question that has been raised by the interviewer so that he/she will become confident about your knowledge and learning skills.

Use to wear formal outfit color

It has been analyzed that most of the HR professionals and hiring managers proactively predict the personality of the interviewee from his/her attire. According to recruitment and training survey analysis, it has been concluded that 23% of interviewers prescribe to wear blue which reflects that the candidate is a team, supportive person. While 15% of HR professionals prescribe to wear black attire, which reflects the leadership potential of the person. Thus, to crack the interview, it will be crucial for the interviewer to wear formal attire.

Do not try to appear for the interview on the same day

As per the Harvard University research, it has been discovered that candidates who came for the interview and try to grab the things on the same day will end after a progression of strong applicants and were ranked at a lower level as they anticipated in actual. Thus, try to freshly face the questions which have been asked by the interviewee and try to answer all the question will great intelligence and with the presence of mind.

Waiting for hall behavior

It should be essential for the interviewee to morally behave in the waiting hall. Some of the factors that the interviewee should need to follow for the sake of maintaining impactful behavior in the waiting hall. They should need to obey the factors like maintain decorum, mingle with others politely, avoid smoking, chewing, flirting, gossiping, defamatory comments, greet others present, switch off mobile, relax and visualize, etc.


From the blog, it has been concluded that day might preparation and proper work on yourself will lead you to crack the interview in the very first attempt. Before appearing for the interview, the candidate should need to learn the morals and principles of the interview first. In the blog, all the best interview questions that enable the candidate to crack the interview are covered. Prepare interview appropriately as preparation will increase the chances of selection.