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According to my experience, good interviewers rarely plan to ask a specific question during your interview. Generally, the WordPress interview questions start with some basic concepts of the subject, and later they will discuss further and answer given by you.

Minimum Requirements For Running Wordpress?

When talking about WordPress interviews and with experience as well as questions and answers for freshers, it often happens that what are the minimum requirements for running WordPress.

Today, WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL and is licensed under GPLv2. It is also a forum of choice for more than 35% of all sites on the web. So, you need a web server; there are formal requirements for running databases such as PHP and MySQL WordPress.

Server requirements for WordPress are a significant factor, and these are the minimum requirements to run Wordpress:

WordPress recommends the following server settings.



PHP Version 7.0 or higher
MySQL Version 5.6 or higher
MariaDB Version 10.0 or higher. Only required when you are not using MySQL.
HTTPS HTTPS, supported by the server

Note: WordPress also works on PHP 5.2.4+ and MySQL 5.0+, but they are not recommended for possible security vulnerabilities.

1. PHP 7.0 Version

Recently PHP development team announced the availability of PHP 7.0.0. In this version, you increase your work performance twice times, then PHP 5.6.

2. MySQL 5.6 Version

Web development specialists are now using the new version of MySQL, 5.6. This version has various new features which ensure better performance and scalability.

3. MariaDB Version 10.0

For scalability and strongness, MariaDB is a best and fast method. A vibrant ecosystem of storage engines, plugins, and many other tools, which makes it very versatile for various types of usage. MariaDB has been developed as open source software, and as a relational database, it provides a SQL interface to access data.


It gives your website high security and privacy. When we use HTTPS on our website, then more visitors will expect to use it from your site.