Updated on 25 Jul 2019 | 3 Min Read

The powerful front-end framework Bootstrap has definitely made a name for itself faster than other development frameworks. With the increasing demand for Bootstrap, now we are going to discuss the newest edition of the Bootstrap, which is definitely going to invite multiple important Bootstrap interview questions for aspirants of this tech niche in near future. Whether the features to support fast and responsive development, or mobile-first web layouts; Bootstrap has undergone various exceptionally developer preferred changes to offer its users a highly customizable and featureful environment for quality user experience.

After multiple Alpha and Beta releases throughout past years, the stable version of Bootstrap version 4 has finally released on 18th January 2018 with a number of great features and enhancements compared to its previous version. Let's discuss them out for your thorough acknowledgment.

Features in Bootstrap 4

  • Better Normalization Approach
  • Updation for Utility Classes & Print Styles
  • Upgrade for Sass Map
  • Better Browser Support
  • Now Flexbox Enabled
  • Prominent Grid System
  • Added Responsive Classes & Documentation

Better Normalization Approach

Before Bootstrap 4, Normalize.css was a dependency used by developers to render the consistent appearance of all HTML elements present across the board. Bootstrap 4 has dropped the dependency, revised some of it, and added it to Bootstrap’s Reboot system for a stable and better-performed normalization approach.

Updation for Utility Classes & Print Styles

The print page rendering has been improved exceptionally, which makes sure of reasonable page sizes rather than making them mobile screen friendly only. The print utility classes present in Bootstrap now also hold a completely new set of display values to match standard display utilities. Bootstrap 4 features are a must part to practice combined with advanced Bootstrap 4 interview questions to get guaranteed career success.

Upgrade for Sass Map

The $sizes and $spacers Sass maps are now supporting more customization with Bootstrap 4 upgrade. Now, they will operate the same way as color maps, and allowed to add, replace, or remove all of the key-value pairs to generate CSS related families. The default Sass flags now can be overwritten or overridden.

Better Browser Support

Compared to its previous version, Bootstrap 4 now supports iOS 7+ and Internet Explorer 10+. Users now also get official support for WebView and Android v5.0 Lollipop supporting browsers.

Now Flexbox Enabled

Bootstrap 4 is now Flexbox enabled out of the box. As Flexbox comes with an array of awesome features, Bootstrap developers now can use rich features such as responsive floats and sizing, vertical centering, Flexbox based grid, new spacing utilities, auto-layout grid and more. Flexbox also enables Bootstrap developers with more power to manage the new card components.

Prominent Grid System

Bootstrap 4 is now a 5 grid tier system, supporting xl, lg, md, sm, and xs. The newly included xl grid tier will extend the media query range to 544px. The improved grid system of Bootstrap 4 also offers support for horizontal and vertical alignment classes, as well as Flexbox in the predefined classes and grid mixins. It also comes with media query changes to avoid repeated query declarations.

Added Responsive Classes & Documentation

The .order-0 and .order-last are two new responsive classes introduced with Bootstrap 4 to enable developers to take more control over the Flexbox grid. With new documentation added for using CSS variables, Bootstrap now offers more than two dozens of CSS variables. This will definitely help developers to easily access to theme colors, primary font stacks, breakpoints, etc. For users who are not comfortable with Sass, this will be extremely useful.

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