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Both HTML and CSS are probably two of the most crucial development aspects that have ever invented. With the inclusion of these two technologies in almost every advance development tasks, it's easy to define that HTML and CSS are undoubtedly the most demanding skill sets globally. If you are going to start your bright career in development niche or continuing with this is a must to read the article for you to go through to acknowledge best CSS3 and HTML interview questions and how to best prepare with them for a near competitive future.

Definition for HTML5

Hypertext Markup Language Revision 5 or HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, an advanced markup language to create user desired structures in World Wide Web Contents. It allows modification to the appearance of web pages. Due to the use of HTML5, browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more, only determine to display an exact web page, while knowing where the page elements are, where to put the media file and where to put the text file. Although there are other languages required to complete the format and interactivity to a website, HTML is the core structure of any webpage.

Benefits of Using HTML5

  • Unlike other HTML versions, HTML5 is optimally designed to produce most of the objects online without adding additional software to it.
  • From media to animation and applications, HTML 5 can be used to build anything that runs in a browser.
  • HTML5 is completely open source, so you don’t have to pay to use it.
  • Due to cross-platform support, it can be used or should work excellently on any device which browser supports HTML5.
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Definition for CSS3

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is used to augment different style and functionality to web documents in an efficient manner. CSS3 is the latest standard released of CSS. It helps to create content-rich websites with less complex coding, quality user interface, rapid download time, and more. It’s not necessarily required to function a web page; however, it hugely improves overall page appearance and functionality. Used with HTML, CSS3 is used for content structure and responsible for colors, font properties, background images, graphics, and other web components. Web development aspirants must prepare for both HTML5 and CSS interview questions simultaneously to achieve the best results with their technical interview rounds.

Advantages of Using CSS3

  • Easy addition of graphic, image, and video contents to web pages.
  • Extremely cost effective, time-saving, and supports almost every modern browser.
  • CSS3 decreases the server bandwidth requirements, offering rapid download time for websites on any device, thus improving user experience.
  • Accurate positioning of navigation elements can be achieved with the use of CSS3.
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