Updated on 10 May 2021 | 4 Min Read

If you are the one who is preparing for your job interview and seeking guidance to prepare yourself for all types of interview questions that helps you in cracking your interview. Congratulations! You landed at the right place. In this article, we have covered everything you need to ace your interview.

We have tried to give the answers or suggestions to the situational-based questions so that you should be prepared for how you are going to respond to such questions. Let’s make it a simple start and give a quick look at the different types of interview questions that you may encounter in your interview journey. Questions are majorly divided into three types, however, if you further categorize them then it is up to eight types. We will cover the major ones only.

Types of Interview Questions

  • Situational interview questions
  • Competency-based or technical interview questions
  • Behavioral interview questions

1. Situational interview questions

Situational-based interview questions are the questions based on the scenario specific to the types of job interview you are applying for. With these questions, they will provide you a pre-defined or scripted situation and you have to figure out the right answer for it. The agenda behind asking these questions is to know more about your skills and experience.

Sometimes it becomes very hard to answer the situational interview questions as you have to think and imagine the questions and their possible answer on the spot. So, this is very important for you to listen to the question carefully and understand its essence, it’s okay if you take extra time to understand and process the question in your mind. Once you are clear with the question, be confident and tell your answer, and do share the live examples wherever possible.

2. Competency-based interview questions

These are the questions asked by interviewers to figure out your ability in terms of specific technical knowledge in the domain you are applying for. For an instance, the interviewer is keen to know about your behavior that helps you in being successful in your past job by using your analytical and problem-solving skills. They can also ask you about your decision-making ability in case they want to know about it, so it is important for you to prepare yourself for all the competency-based interview questions and answers.

They want you to tell your answers directly with the live examples and make sure your focus should be on specific competency rather than a general approach that is being used in such situations. In case you get stuck with your imagination or understanding the interviewer’s ask then do not hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Take a moment and understand it carefully and think from the interviewer’s perspective and answer it accordingly.

Always remember competency interviews are based on the knowledge and the behavior required for the job role. That is why it is important to double-check the job description and understand clearly what they are looking for in the candidate and prepare yourself accordingly. It would be great if you have examples in hand to answer these interview questions and they also give you the chance to demonstrate your skills and expertise in the things.

3. Behavioral interview questions

Behavioral questions are approached to evoke data from you on how you would probably deal with any of the real-world difficulties dependent on your past behavior confronting a comparative condition. Do not get confused with the essence of situational and behavioral interview questions. Situational is asked to know about the approach that you are going to use to handle the situation, however, behavioral means what approach you had used in your previous organization while in the same situation.

These behavioral interview questions are influenced based on the general principle that the experience of the people is the best predictor of their future behavior. With these questions, the interviewer can determine your ability to work in a team or individual, how flexible and adaptable you are with the new things, your time management and organizational skills, and much more.

By preparing yourself with these types of job interview questions, you will become a better candidate that every company is looking for in terms of the person who can work independently and able to make the right decisions. By practicing the questions beforehand with the possible answers, it won’t be difficult for you to showcase your value at the time of the interview.