Updated on 28 May 2019 | 3 Min Read

Before diving into the framework, let me inform you – to read and understand this blog, you should be well aware of the basics of the Laravel framework. You can get an overview and good understanding of Laravel on our laravel interview questions page. If you already know Laravel or have worked on it in one or two projects, you should look at learning advanced concepts of Laravel.

Advanced features of Laravel 5

Apart from being a feature-rich and easy to code language, Laravel can handle complex web applications and scenarios using advanced features like -

  • Artisan
  • Database Migration
  • Custom Forms validations Supports
  • MCV Atchitecture Supports
  • Localization
  • Middleware
  • Unit Testing
  • Security
  • Email and error handling
  • Template Engine

All these concepts are explained on our laravel 5 interview questions page.

How to prepare

Since Laravel is free, you can try out a few concepts by writing a small code to understand a concept fully. Rather than going for costly online courses and certifications, follow the do-it-yourself approach. A little struggle, in the beginning, can help you remember the concepts throughout your lifetime, let alone interviews. For your easy perusal, we have listed here the type of questions you can be faced with, in a real interview.

Advanced laravel interview questions

  • How to create and use Stored Procedures in Laravel?
  • How to make a helper file in laravel?
  • How to make a custom validation rule in laravel?
  • What is the difference between laravel 5 & laravel 4?
  • What are the difference between soft delete & delete in Laravel?
  • How to enable query log in laravel?
  • What is the difference between the latest() and oldest() in Laravel?
  • What is database migration in Laravel?
  • How to check the table is exists or not in our database using Laravel?
  • How to use Ajax in any form of submission?


The above questions are a few of the interview questions for experienced programmers. Believe me; it is worth learning the language on your own if you have prior programming experience. For one, you will get to know more things by exploring on your own, but more importantly, this self-learning will make you feel accomplished and happy than you would be otherwise. Happy learning!