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Laravel is an incredible web application with an elegant yet practical syntax. It eases the hurdles that come along with the developmental tasks associated with web projects. The major relieving ones are authentication, session, routing, and caching. Yesterday a revised version of Laravel was released as v5.8.20 with adequate improvisation in the performance with Arr: : collapse () method. If you are going to face any laravel interview soon, then you should read this article as this will help you to be well prepared for Laravel interview questions. This also comprises of the latest additions, all the major fixes, and changes.

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A brief look through Laravel

To make the web development creative, exciting, and more fun, Laravel provides an application framework. It reduces the overhead that is required while the development and prove to be a useful tool in the developmental framework as it is an open source tool having 52.7 k GitHub stars and around 16.1 k GitHub forks. At present approximately 800 companies are using Laravel in their platforms, including the major ones like PedidosYa, Sellsuki, UNION, LemonStand, and many more.

Patterns of improvement

Earlier this month improvisation was done in the version v5.8.19 which was Before: flatten (). Prior to this week, this class got another improvisation in the collapse method. With the simplistic understanding, it can be assumed that the change which was once done for n number of times is now only done once. In the latest fixations, the launch of Laravel Mix version v4.0.16watch added out of the box for the support of dynamic import.

Latest customized features-

The newest feature includes the customization of controller resource, which follows a ViewAny process which was added to the policy class term implying with the index action. Another updation was the addition of --full path option to the command make : migration. It was done to provide the output the entire file path if the file. The output of the full file path is hugely beneficial to the console. This console enables the user to open the several file paths in any editor. There are several instances of the list available in it.

The major additions are
  • Added viewing () to the class of dummy policy
  • Full path option to the make: migration command is added
  • Regarding the performance improvisation Are:: collapse () is seen

Reasons for which Laravel is the first choice of designers-

Approximately 700 major web developers have considered Laravel as a useful tool, and there are plenty of reasons for which they have made their choice. It provides a stable platform for pic development, and it also embraces better community packages. We have a collection of Laravel interview questions and answers. These are helpful to crack your future interviews. Supporting the restful routing, one can assume that it helps the writing less and performance more. Laravel is also one among the most advanced and latest PHP framework for benefiting the platforms. Supporting the database migration, it is yet a powerful tool.

Take the look of below-mentioned factors supporting the statement.
  • It represents neat and clean architecture
  • It symbolizes a growing community
  • It provides a user-friendly platform
  • It is an open source technology
  • The solitary framework considering for PHP.