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Developed in the year 2009 by Google, Angular JS is an open-source front-end framework. The prime reason for the development of the web development framework is for the creation of dynamic and modern web applications. Angular JS, being a self-motivated JavaScript framework holds various traits and features which make it the top one source JavaScript framework. No doubt there have come multiple versions of the technology, namely Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6 but there are myriads of reasons for using Angular JS for web development. The most exciting feature which makes it liked by the programming geeks are quick development, less code, easy to understand and use. Also, with the development of the web app framework, the operation and the loading speed of the apps have increased.

If you are confused thinking about making the right choice for your next development project, then this article will help you. The top reasons for using Angular JS are written below. Read them, understand, recall the features of the technology and make your mind.

1. The steep rise in the performance

We all need efficiency and growth in the performance of the system in which we work. In the web development part, Angular JS’ features such as easy to use, simple maintenance support it to give a rise in the performance. You must have heard about PayPal, Upwork, Freelancer, all these applications have been developed using AngularJS. Your favorite sports brand Nike’s website and other applications of the company have been made with this framework. Why? The framework has been widely used these days because of the fact that it allows the application to be more robust, and of intuitive nature.

2. Saves Time

Nobody in this fast-paced world has time to spend relentlessly, and no developer wishes to sit for long hours on debugging. AngularJS saves a lot of time by easing the minor changes to be done. Also, if you are running short of time, and need perfect maintenance of the framework, then you need to use it for your next application. The extensive list of features is the reason behind it. These are data binding, directives, animations, API client, content sanitization, routing from validation, and many more — eased and fast front-end development of any application using AngularJS-JavaScript MVC framework. Adding a few attributes to HTML can give you good development results. Building dependency between template and controller also becomes comfortable with Angular JS. This is how these well-established brands and companies save their time and money.

3. Help in reducing line of code

It is one of the famous Angular JS Interview Questions of how to reduce the number of coding lines in a program. Also, who wants to sit back at the boring table and chair and code long, long and long coding lines for an application. Gone are the days when spending time on writing long coding lines was common. Angular JS has changed the scenario. How? In this, there is no need for the composition of MVC pipeline and building an application without the usage of getter and setter is possible with it.

4. Reduce dependency handling hustle

Every web development project or program operates on multiple dependencies and working on that sometimes get hectic and complicated. But if you are looking to find out the ways of arranging dependencies and reducing dynamic loading, then Angular JS is your answer. This is another reason why web developers use the framework as there are no issues regarding instance, namespace. All you need to do is name them, and AngularJS handles everything else. Not only this, it can manage the object’s lifecycle.

5. Maintains consistency in code

Nobody wants to have any sort of delay in its product’s or service’s launch. Also, we all think of saving money keeping easy on pocket technology and frameworks to be used in the process. Inconsistency in coding can oppose these two, but nothing to worry about when Angular JS is here. Also, usability and the template-use along with the pre-defined code snippets make things easier with Angular JS.

6. Component-based

Like the other versions of Angular, this framework is also based on components, and all of them work and begin in the same style. It means that every component is placed in a component class or every component defines @Component decorator (metadata).

The independence of the small interface elements has several benefits. These are-
  • Easy of unit-testing
  • High improvement in readability
  • Reusability of the components
  • Maintenance becomes easy with the independent components

7. Unlimited testing allowed

Yes, you read it right. Now, being an AngularJS web developer, now you don’t need to think of the possibility of any error in the application. Angular JS allows frequent testing. This property of the framework helps in developing bug-free apps without much hustle.

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