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Introduction to Angular 2 in simple words

Released in the year September 2016 by Google, the new framework Angular 2 is the result of the upgraded work done by the expert programmers. the basic need and requirement behind the development were to match the growth of the modern web.

Angular 2 is the predecessor of Angular JS, one of the most popular and globally used JavaScript framework. Our recently updated Angular 2 interview questions can help you crack your interview.

See the essential traits of Angular 2, it is-

  • Open-source (like Angular JS)
  • Front-end JavaScript framework
  • Perfectly able to design dynamic SPAs (Single page applications)
  • Based on TypeScript easing the process of switching from MVC, i.e., model-view-controller to components-based approach and again to web development.
  • Have event-handling capabilities
  • A better option for mobile devices
  • Consists of powerful templates

What are the features of Angular 2?

Developed with the primary purpose of easing the process of testing a framework, Angular 2 comes with multiple features that assist in doing that. Have a look at them below-

  • Components- Components have now become the center of focus in Angular 2 unlike in Angular JS where it was on controllers. It is done to achieve better maintenance of applications over time.
  • TypeScript- Maintained by Microsoft, this new version of the web development framework is a superset of JavaScript.
  • Services- In Angular 2, components of an application share a set of code named as services.

Tips for overcoming the fear of Angular 2 Interview Questions

Having sleepless nights thinking about your Angular 2 interview tomorrow? Having low self-esteem and nervousness is at its peak? Nothing to worry about, you would find every information, tips, and tricks which would help you in acing your Angular 2 interview question and answers. Also, the article includes some brief information about the core topics covered in the web development platform Angular 2. I am sure you will achieve success after reading this blog.

Core Concepts of Angular 2 you must know

1. Must have a root component-

As read above, developing an application using this web development platform begins with defining a set of components; it is to be kept in mind that every application must have a root component. This gives a tree-like structure to the application.

2. Different components in Angular 2 are-
  • TalkCmp.ts

    @Component ({
    Selector: ‘talk-cmp’,
    Directives: [FormattedRating, WatchButton, RateButton],
    templateUrl: ‘talk_cmp.html’

    Class TalkCmp{
    @Input () talk: Talk;
    @Output () rate: EventEmitter;
  • Talk_cmp.html

    {{talk.title}} {{talk.speaker}}

3. Input and Output Properties-

The setting of the input properties can be done with property bindings, i.e., using square brackets. Whereas, in case of the environment of output properties, subscribing to them using event bindings with the use of parenthesis helps.

4. The template describes component rendering on the page-

It requires to know the list of directives to be used in the template. Directives make the pillars of this web development framework and are self-describing. They describe private API, lifecycle hooks and know the ways of interacting with the host element.

5. Dependency Injection-

If the framework has a service-dependent component, then there is no need for the creation of that particular service. The framework provides the service which you would have requested the constructor, which also helps in increasing dependency on the interfaces rather than concrete types. The result is getting decoupled code enabling testability etc.

6. Single API in both Angular JS and Angular 2-

Angular 2 have dependency injection modules providing a single API. This also implies that the API used to inject global dependencies into the component can be used for local dependencies as well.

7. Property Bindings-

Property bindings used in the web development framework help in syncing up the DOM with the component tree and the component tree with the model. When the VM turn ends, every component of the component tress is checked along with the property bindings, and then the elements and DOM are updated.
No, no output properties of a component are updated using property bindings.

8. Zones-

Angular 2 is smarter than its predecessor in the sense that it knows the correct time to run the check which removes the need of calling scope.$ to apply, it is done automatically unlike in Angular 1. The framework recognizes when to integrate with the 3rd party libraries without getting the call manually.

At this point in time, as you are thinking of cracking the interview questions of Angular 2 framework, time-saving tips and tricks would be your savior. Out of the several quick tutorials to learn to find the following which would help you stop killing your time reading anything and get you quality knowledge.

Online sources to know to cover Angular 4 interview question and answers

a. Angular- Tutorial: Tour of Heroes

Grab this online course if you are looking for updated information and resources to learn Angular 2. Through this course, you would be able to learn application development helping a staffing agency in managing its stable of heroes.

b. Angular Crash Courses for Busy Developers

If you are just a week ahead of your interview and having sleepless nights thinking about the questions and the concepts are daunting you, then switching to this course can help you revise them in 10 hours. Yes, you read it right.

Strategy to Learn

Technology, be it Artificial Intelligence, Java or Angular 2, it requires zeal and sheers hard work to learn. Time and hard jobs are the two key role players and fate developers but doing smart things is the pitch.

1. Learning Git will save you-

If you have been escaping from Git, you need to stop it urgently. Getting a high hand knowledge over Git will make you an expert; otherwise learning the basics will also help you.

2. Don’t think of dodging Node.js and npm-

If you have been avoiding npm and Node.js, this might ditch your future in development. Considering the Node processing power to be used npm script development in the official QuickStart code would help.

3. Using a specific code editor-

Using a TypeScript-friendly code editor for Angular development as it considers modern JavaScript development including Node/npm development. The most trending code editors are WebStorm, Atom Visual Studio Code.

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