Updated on 03 Sep 2019 | 2 Min Read

Advanced features of Angular 8

For the development of desktop web applications or client-side mobile applications, fully-featured platform, namely Angular 8 is most commonly used. The complexity of Angular 8 interview questions matches that of Angular 8. Most of the candidates get muddled up there.

In Angular 8, users can use a number of powerful features which are added at multiple levels such as core framework, Command Line Interface (CLI) and Angular Material library. Angular 8 enables many partner launches such as NativeScript, Angular console, @angular/fire, and StackBlitz unlike its previous versions like angular 2, 7, etc. In this blog post, advance features of Angular 8 are discussed in brief.

Some of the advanced features of Angular 8 are-

  • Lazy loading with dynamic imports
  • Support for TypeScript 3.4
  • Improved support for web worker bundling
  • Changes in @ViewChild and @ContentChild
  • Differential loading
  • Ivy rendering Engine
  • Prime benefits of Ivy rendering engine are-
  • Support Codelyzer 5.0
  • NPM Support


In this blog post, we have discussed various new features of Angular 8 which would help you to frame appropriate answers to the Angular Questions. In addition to this, some of the breaking changes in Angular 8 are discussed in brief. It is a much more accessible solution which basically focuses on modern technological features which include Lazy loading with dynamic imports, Support for typescript 3.4, Improved support for web worker bundling, Changes in @ViewChild and @ContentChild, Differential loading, Ivy rendering Engine, Support Codelyzer 5.0 and PNPM Support, etc. With the incorporation of new and advanced level features in angular 8, the platform provides quality based application development supports.