Updated on 03 Jul 2019 | 3 Min Read

Developed by Google, AngularJS is a prominent framework which is done to simplify the development and testing. It also helps the designers and developers to manage the web infrastructure with total convenience. It is most preferred by the front end developers as it is feature-rich and simple to execute. Also, this article will help you to clear AngularJS 2 interview questions if you are going to face any.

The major advantages of Angular JS 2 are:

1. Comparatively less coding:

The individual segments of advantage eventually lead to a major one. AngularJS Transforms the templates in courts which is highly optimized considering JavaScript at present for virtual machines. With the productivity of the framework, AngularJS provides all the benefits of handwritten code. Data models in Angular JS are also easy to write, and that is not required and necessary setters. Without diverting the filters on the controller as much, you can easily execute the data.

2. Dependency injection:

Through the criteria of dependency, it is justified that which segment of code is having an impact over the other one and how they are interrelated. AngularJS enables the user to utilize the injectors to redefine the dependencies in an external manner decoupling the components from their related dependencies. Through dependencies, the components are made reliable and easy to manage.

3. World web is entirely changed:

At present, the competent variants are not reliable with the web requirements like the custom elements, Shadow Dom, and many more. The world web has made a significant change in the past few years, and it will precisely keep changing. Developers at present need advance and faster browsers for efficient working. AngularJS supports modern browsers and searches their greatest features.

4. Promoted flexibility:

The filters of AngularJS allow you to perform in a flexible manner as they easily solve the information before it becomes applicable for view. This filter also performs the replacement of array and formatting the decimal place. Totally separated from the app, it can also work as a standalone function totally without any interference.

Note: Knowing this point will help you in answering the AngularJS interview questions.

5. Improvised design structure

AngularJS provides better working with the application and its execution. It eases up the process to locate the codes required by any developer in a very comprehensive manner. It is justified to say it the most improvised design architecture for competent developers.

6. Enhanced performance:

Initially, AngularJS was created and developed for designers rather than fashioners. It is also convenient to use; it has been upgraded, keeping the performance under consideration. It has the most advanced framework, as 2.0 is its latest version. It is also developed with the model view controller hierarchy, and so is the frame synchronization that has benefited it.

7. Application is convenient:

AngularJS is a little complicated, and it is not that it is easy for everyone to understand its extensive technicalities and all the features in-depth. But holding onto the beneficial side of it, designers are engaged to modify it and make it a little easier. AngularJS can independently handle the injector dependencies and allows the designers to perform rapid application development.