Updated on 28 Jun 2019 | 3 Min Read

Currently, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Where developers can add /update/delete content such as text, image or video, etc. There are many WordPress interview questions, which you should know about, especially if you are a developer. A developer can create a variety of websites, whether it is a personal / business website. Most developers prefer WordPress today because it is easy to install and millions of plugins, themes are available on the internet free as well as premium, and you can customize.

There are so many opportunities from many prestigious companies in the world. According to the research, WordPress has a market share of approximately 58%. So, still, you have the opportunity to move forward in your career in the WordPress server administration.

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Here, we covered most of the original questions that are spread over several topics, including core, plugins, themes, multi-site as well as troubleshooting, as well as many difficult interview questions.

Top 10 Interview Questions For Wordpress Developers


Once you have covered all these interview questions and prepared the best answers, now it is time to move forward in your career as a WordPress developer. But make sure that you do not forget to revise all these WordPress developer interview questions before going for an interview and you can be successful in getting interview or job offers.