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Angular is a JavaScript framework which used to create and develop single-page applications. In practice, angular extends HTML attributes with Directives and binds data to HTML with expressions. The first version of the angular framework released in 2010 and it is developed by Google. Angular is considered as a market leader of open-source JavaScript frameworks. The revised version of angular is evolved with time as the requirement of the user changes from the basic version of the latest angular version 8.0. the latest version of angular is incorporated with advance level features which is suitable as per the existing market trends. In this article, angular 2 interview questions are discussed which will clarify the concept of angular frameworks among the readers. Moreover, the blog will provide you with a comparative analysis of various Angular versions from basic to latest. From the comparison, you will choose the best angular version to develop an IT project.

Comparison between angular version 2, 4, 6, 8

Angular 2 Angular 4 Angular 6 Angular 8
Angular 2 is the rewrite and copied version of the basic angular framework Angular 4 is the rewrite version of angular 2 but is it added with the feature of backward compatibility Angular 6 is the advanced version of Angular 4 which is faster and easy to use the framework. Angular 8 is the latest version of the angular framework which is incorporated with differential loading of modern JavaScript feature
This framework is built around the concept and logic circle of components This framework is added with the feature of supporting typescript Angular 6 enables the users to make an angular component and distribute it as a web component. This framework enables users to create their own components as per their usability criteria.
Angular 2 is not incorporated with the feature of backward compatibility which implies that angular 2 application can not run on angular is the platform. Angular 4 is backward compatible with the Angular 2 framework for most of the applications. This framework is compatible with all the previous versions of angular. This version of Angular is fully compatible with all the existing versions of angular.
It supports service/controller architecture Its support module /component and templates-based architecture It supports angular-plugin architecture The architecture which supports all the latest and previous feature of angular are supported by this framework.
Angular 2 uses ES2, ES6 typescript Angular 4 uses 2.4 typescript The typescript ES6 and 2.4 are used by this framework of angular. The typescript 3.4 is supported by the latest version of angular


It is true that web-based applications have become more secure and customizable due to angular. It has made the applications scalable, flexible and highly secure. It enables the users to upgrade the basic version of angular with the newer one. In this article, the best interview questions are discussed which will help you to distinguish between all the versions of angular. By reading this blog you can say that each and every version of angular is somehow different from another one. Each version is incorporated with advance level features with support latest technological platforms also.