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No doubt, choosing the most appropriate platform is extremely crucial as the number of available frameworks is not limited today. Every framework has its own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses. If you are practicing with ReactJS or AngularJS interview questions for a future interview, you must follow further as we are going to discuss and compare two of the most popular web application development platform, AngularJS, and ReactJS. So, which one is better? And why?

Distinguished History

Both React and Angular are the end products of JavaScript. Where React is a JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook from March 2013 and specialized in building user interfaces, Angular is a TypeScript written JavaScript framework which is developed and maintained by Google from 2010.

Architecture Comparison

This section can include multiple React interview questions, so it's recommended to practice thoroughly. ReactJS is an advanced JavaScript library, but Angular comes as a complete MVC framework. As Angular offers strong opinions for your application structure as a framework, it offers more functionality out of the box to its users, such as extended HTML version based templates, dependency injection, utilities for unit testing components, Ajax requests by @angular/HTTP and more. But, it has the drawback with flexibility. Users must use what Angular only provides.

Compared to this, React offers more usability freedom to the users. As it only offers the “view” in MVC, users require to solve M and C at their own. They can choose any of their own libraries as they see fit, resulting in using fast operating and independent libraries. ReactJS offers JSX, XSS protection, no dependency injection, Ajax request fetching, and more to its users out of the box.

DOM Functionality

ReactJS uses the modern technology of a virtual DOM, which makes it lightning fast when comes to operation. But, AngularJS only use a regular DOM, due to which the entire tree of HTML tag structure will be updated until it reaches the user's age. This drastically affects the performance when users deal with numbers of data requests on the same page, and also with user experience. The DOM functionality chapter brings crucial Angular 2 interview questions as per industry interviewers.


Both AngularJS and ReactJS are based on components. For the user-friendly purpose, components should be easy to be reused in other projects and within other components. While comparing on the basis of components, both AngularJS and ReactJS offer reusable components to their users for different scenarios.

Data Binding

Another crucial fact to remember while practicing your React interview questions. Here, ReactJS uses one-way data binding, while AngularJS uses the two-way binding. In one-way binding, first, the model state will be updated after which it renders the change in UI element. But, the model state stays unchanged when the user makes any change to the UI element. This change function goes both ways in the two-way data binding. Whereas Angular’s data binding is easy to understand, the React data binding process offers optimal data overview.

Use of Language

AngularJS uses TypeScript, a statically typed language that defines the variable's type such as number, string, array, etc. It offers a smooth transaction to programmers with Object Oriented Programming skills. Compared to this, React uses JavaScript language, which is dynamically typed. Because JavaScript is easy to understand by developers, they can have more freedom to work with it.


If we consider these facts, ReactJS would definitely be a better option to consider over AngularJS. Whether comparing the architecture or DOM functionality and other feature; ReactJS stands superior with its functionalities. But, developers have to invest more time learning ReactJS compared to AngularJS.

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