Updated on 13 Apr 2020 | 4 Min Read

A mock interview, which is also known as a practice interview, is basically a simulation of an actual job interview taking place in various modes. This is used to provide the candidates with an environment to develop their overall skills while being more confident on how to take an interview in the most positive manner and help them in achieving their goal, i.e. getting selected. Besides this, mock interviews also provide candidates with an avenue to practice on all forms of interviews, receive feedback on their shortcomings and much more.

What is the purpose of mock interviews?

The main purpose is to provide you(student/alumni/community) with an edge of competition in comparison to all other candidates appearing for an interview. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with normal etiquettes and commonly asked interview questions for your job position.

Practice makes a man perfect.

As we mentioned above, there are various modes of mock interviews.

Types of mock interviews

  • In-Person/F2F Mock Interviews
  • Setting up Your Own Mock Interview
  • Online Mock Interviews
  • Telephonic Mock Interviews

1. In-Person/F2F Mock Interviews

This is a viable option as face-to-face is the best method to test your skills. But unfortunately, due to this COVID-19 global pandemic, this is not a viable option anymore. If this was not the case, you would have to set up an interview with the concerned authorities in a company providing such service/help and then actually go to the location just as you would during a non-Corona world. But since that is not the case, let us look at our other alternatives.

2. Setting up Your Own Mock Interview

A mock interview is a mock, yes? So, it does not matter if you conduct it by organizing it yourself. Go ask your friends, family members or your roommate to help you with this. They are supposed to be the interviewer and you are supposed to give them a bit info regarding your interview and give them a list of questions to ask. This is very advantageous for candidates who have a problem with communicating or other professional communication shortcomings.

3. Online Mock Interviews

With the increase in video meeting software like Zoom and Duo, you can use this to your advantage. Set up a video meeting with the concerned authority to help you take an interview. Best Interview Questions has a team of seasoned experts in their respective domains who could help you in this.

Just set up a video meeting with us and we shall help you with the same. Nowadays, since anyways all the organizations have shifted to remote/virtual workspaces, getting acquainted with this kind of communication will be actually beneficial for you.

4. Telephonic Mock Interviews

Last but not least, telephonic interviews are still being conducted by many companies and it is good if you choose this option. Just set up a mock interview with anyone who cares about you, tell them about your scenario and ask them to help you by asking you questions through the phone.

Now, since you are not face-to-face, here your communication skills along with your pronunciation and other skills will be tested intricately. If you are applying for a job position that requires you to lead a team, this can help to strengthen your oral communication.

How to Prepare for such an Interview?

First things first. You need to take this as seriously as a genuine interview call. Otherwise, this is just an exercise in futility.

  • “Arrive” 10-15 minutes early, keep your CV and other materials ready within reach.
  • Keep a notebook to take notes from the interviewer.
  • Dress in professional attire. Don’t think this is not useful, as we said earlier, practice makes a man perfect.

Advantages of Mock Interviews

  • Helps you in reducing and eliminating pre-interview anxiety and stress
  • Boosting your overall confidence
  • Get real and constructive feedback from industry experts
  • Getting yourself prepared for behavior-based questions which are not part of the curriculum
  • Increasing your General Knowledge on your job field
  • Increasing your preparedness
  • Making you more aware of the interview process
  • Helping you in understanding what the recruiters expect in an interview
  • Getting familiarized with interview environments
  • Acting on shortcomings by receiving constructive feedbacks
Wrapping up

Lastly, one important pointer to remember. There are a lot of common interview questions that are asked during an interview such as “What have you been doing in your past job?” and other similar questions. Get a read on them before starting to set up your practice job interview.

Practice interviews are the best way to get yourself acquainted because you are in an exact situation that mirrors an actual interview, the closest you can get to a real one. When you complete the interview and review the interview with your interviewer, you can introspect your shortcomings and get exact details on how to improve your interview skills.

Best of luck with your next mock interview!