Common Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Mar 11, 2022
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Common Interview Questions

The word “Interview” can be defined with various definitions depending on various scenarios. We may define it as a procedure designed to obtain information from an individual’s oral response to oral inquiries or a planned conversation involving two or more individuals with a specific purpose. However, the term best suited for a job interview would be “ a through a process consisting conversation, discussion, practical or written exam between a job applicant and one or multiple individuals associated with the employer side to assess whether the applicant is best suited for the position and should be hired. The interview process also defines the potency of individual skills and the best salary packages that should be offered for those skills to be employed. We will discuss a set of most common interview questions which are pretty much the same for any niche job interview but crucial enough to get you a first positive impression as an applicant.

Most Frequently Asked Common Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Common Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. Please tell me something about yourself?

Suggestive Answer: -Start the first sentence with an introduction to who you professionally are, combined with your strengths and a little sense of personality. Try to summarize your diverse professional background concisely. Don’t rely on too much information to answer the first one.

Q2. How did you hear about this position?

Suggestive Answer:- The best way to answer this common interview questions should be concise and to the point. Keep it brief. Either you tell the source of the job where you got referred to this point, or if you can’t, just answer it with any of the following obvious answers such as a career page, job portal post, press release or the recruiter side contacted you only.

Q3. Why are you leaving the current company?

Suggestive Answer: -Don’t ever answer this question dissatisfying reasons which you may be facing with the current position or company. It emits the negative vibe throughout the interview process. The most effective, most comfortable and acceptable reasons should be any of the following these:

  • A fresh career change
  • Skill improvement
  • Improve the balance of work and personal life
  • Better company recognization and reorganization
Q4. Please tell me about your strength and weakness points?

Suggestive Answer:- The formula to confidently answer this fundamental interview question is start with few weaknesses associated with your professional skills, but don’t overextend them and follow up with your effort to overcome them. It will give employers insight into your level of commitment and self-awareness. Then, instantly follow with all your professional skill strengths.

Q5. What’s your most significant achievement in your life?

Suggestive Answer:- This question could be your perfect opportunity to describe the most impressive and noteworthy experience associated with your professional background. Do a little practice on summarizing your accomplishments because interviewers don’t feel comfortable when you brag too much.

Q6. Why do you want to work with our company?

Suggestive Answer:- To cover this interview question, you have to consider two crucial angles; why you are interested in the job and why are you interested in the company. Answer both the corners to ace your interviewer. Research few significant accomplishments of the organization beforehand and convert how those will elevate your career; that’s it.

Q7. What do you do if you disagree with your manager?

Suggestive Answer:- Answer this one carefully. You have to mention a few crucial things such as:

  • Carefully consider the place and time
  • Start with positives, don’t just blow it away
  • Ask questions and focus on results
  • Respect the final decision
Q8. What do you prefer working with team or independently?

Suggestive Answer:- The applicants should take a little caution in exaggerating their abilities to work independently as well as in a group. Showing too much independence may concern employers about applicant’s ability to work perfectly combined with others, likewise leaning too much on working a group may indicate too much reliance on others to provide the results. A right balance to these can be the perfect reply to this question.

Q9. How to deal with pressure or stress?

Suggestive Answer:- Responding to this question, state that a job will require to juggle many assignments at once, so stress happens and emphasizes how you dealt with them, rather than how they bother you. Avoid the common situations in the job that may bother you. Also, don’t forget to mention a few

Steps to manage your stress, such as:
  • Track down the stressors
  • Healthy response development
  • Take appropriate time to recharge yourself
  • Learn to relax
  • Ask for support
Q10. Why should we hire you?

Suggestive Answer:- A concise summary could be the best answer for this common interview question. Convince your interviewer that you can work hard and deliver the exceptional results that they have been searching for. Your personality and expertise will fit most adequately to their team. Hiring you will make their productivity and profitability better also.

Whether you are an experienced or a fresher individual, answering the first few basic interview questions with perfection definitely sets a concrete base for a triumphant success. Apparently, answers for these interview questions will offer the interviewer (the person who conducts the whole interview process) a fair idea of the applicant’s personality, scope, mission, endeavors, future plans and plenty more. These common interview questions are crucial for both for interviewers to be asked and applicants to be appropriately answered so that the whole interview process can be conducted thoroughly.

If you are preparing yourself for a job interview in the near future or just want to sharpen your interview giving skills; then follow through these best and most asked basic interview questions, specially curated by global and renowned interviewers. Follow through the end of this article to get the acknowledgment of these interview questions combined with the suggested answers for them.

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