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Programming languages have been evolving over the years with loads of new features, ease of programming, better handling of multiple sessions, security, portability, and so on. Our website Best Interview Questions has the smallest details of all the essential programming languages. The list of features never ends, and so does the list of programming languages. However, some programming languages gain more attention than others because of unique and innovative features. The graph below shows the most talked about programming languages along with their popularity.

top programming languages 2019

We have listed the top programming language of 2019 that you should be familiar with, to get your dream job in your favorite company. You can start learning with any one of them, and this blog can get you started with the basics of each language so that you can make the best learning decision.


Php is the most popular and extensively used scripting language. It is open source, simple to code and platform independent. The latest version, php7, has a range of essential features like improved performance, reduced memory usage amongst others. The good thing about php is that even a layman can create basic web pages using php and learn the language while experimenting with the code. One would, however, need a starting point. Our list of php interview questions is a comprehensive guide to get you through the concepts while preparing you for basic or advanced level interviews.

Node js

Node js removes all conventions of a typical programming language. It’s a fresh concept of JavaScript coding outside the browser. Node js is free and easy to install. You can work on the cmd prompt to learn node js. To learn essential terms and concepts in node js, read our list of node js interview questions, which has a complete list of questions commonly asked. The questions are arranged from basic to advanced concepts like installation of node js, npm, callback, promise, chaining, reactor pattern, express js, event emitter, etc.…


Java is fast and secure. It is yet another open source language that follows the principles of object-oriented programming. Java provides a flexible design and is more dynamic than languages like C and C++. To grab the job you have been seeking, read our java interview questions , where you can find all the essential concepts and questions that are asked in interviews. Sometimes, the interviewer also asks to write small chunks of code. Using the ideas explained in the java interview questions page, you can quickly write a shortcode in Java and get a good understanding. You can use virtual IDK to write, compile, and run java programs. It is a valuable language which is not disappearing any soon, so learning Java is always going to be your best decision.


Ranked as one of the best, Python is famous for its high-readability that makes it easy for anyone to learn the language without much struggle. Python has extensive support libraries and integration features and is platform independent. It is not an open source language, unlike Java and PHP. Read our exhaustive list of Python interview questions to quickly get a grasp on the language as well as learn some advanced concepts asked in the interviews. Learning Python can give you the advantage of working on Python-based frameworks like Pyramid, Django, etc.…


The world of the web could not have survived without JavaScript. This light-weight scripting language is everywhere. From validating a user to making web pages dynamic, this client-side programming is the most dominating languages for browser-based validations. The best way to learn JavaScript is not through any courses or certifications, but by writing small functions and code and try it on your own. Learn by reading a lot of blogs, commonly asked JavaScript interview questions or tried a boot-camp to strengthen your learning. Knowing what questions are asked in interviews can help you prioritize your learning process.

top programming languages 2019


Swift is a programmer-friendly, interactive language that is an excellent combination of performance and development. The striking feature of swift is that memory is managed automatically! Swift has a suitable error handling mechanism, great ways to avoid common programming errors and is fast. Swift is easy to be coded on phones, laptop, etc... Check out our swift interview questions for step by step learning and full details about this programming language.


Ruby combines the best of programming languages like Java, Python, and Perl. It is interpreted as Python but is object-oriented like Java. Ruby simplifies the code by abstracting common and repetitive tasks. If you are familiar with at least one other programming language, learning Ruby should be a cakewalk for you. With our extensive Ruby interview questions list, there will never be a topic that you would miss.


There are many more languages like C, C++,Net, and others that are popular, easy to learn, and more comfortable to code. If you know one high-level language, you can learn the others quickly. Each programming language consists of unique features that make it stand apart from the others. Start with any programming language that you can connect with and then go on to learn the others!