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Do you get a call for an interview at Walmart? Well congratulations, but wait you are a bit nervous? No worries, we are happy to assist you by providing in detail how the interview process at Walmart takes place. This blog will tell you the Walmart hiring process in the most understandable way.

Want to know about Walmart? Keep on reading.

Walmart is an American retail corporation that sells products through various e-commerce portals and headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, the US. It operates various discount department stores, grocery stores, a chain of hypermarkets, and neighborhood markets.

We have collected the above points to the best of our knowledge which ensures your success at the Walmart interview. You can also visit some Walmart Interview Questions by visiting this link but from there it’s totally up to you. Keep in mind above all else, everything in Walmart relates to the customer and as Sam Walton always said “The customer is the boss”.

Walmart provides health and wellness, office and entertainment, grocery and consumables, and home categories every day at very low prices. According to Fortune Global, Walmart is the world’s largest company with a revenue of US$548.743 billion and gives employment to around 2.2 million employees, which makes Walmart the largest private employer in the world.

So to be the employee of this big firm you have to go through various rounds of interviews, and to help you with the same, we are putting some interview tips from which you can go through.

Interview Process At Walmart
No matter what interview you are preparing for you, the interviewer will always ask you about their company, how you will achieve company growth, who are the company’s competitors and how you will ensure that it is going forward.

Interview Process at Walmart

  • Learn about the Company
  • Review the Job Description
  • Do your Research
  • Visit a Walmart store
  • Understand the Interview Process
  • Score Success in First Five Minutes

1. Learn about the Company

This company provide management-related information in the “About Us” section, Walmart Job Career related information in “Careers”. You can get detailed information about Walmart by visiting its official website, social media pages, reviews of employees, and other online sources. It is a must to know about its latest revenue, business plans, and growth prospects.

2. Review the Job Description

It’s very important to understand the job description that what type of candidate they are looking for that position and how they have to define that position. Go through the keywords they have mentioned in the job description to meet their expectations. The more you line up your skills and qualifications with the job, the more easily you can sell yourself in front of the interviewer.

Once you understand the job description well, it’s time to know your role in Walmart. You can also ask to the recruiter as he is the biggest advocate for this process, so use them. Ask them what are the blind spots in this job and how can you prepare for them.

3. Do your Research

Apart from the research on the company, visit Walmart’s LinkedIn page to know about daily news of the company, what employees say about Walmart, and job vacancies. Keep an eye on the profiles of your interview panel and Walmart Open interviews that can be found out on Walmart’s official website. If in case the information about the interview panel is not provided ask your recruiter so that you are prepared to whom you are meeting with and prepared for it.

4. Visit a Walmart store

Visit any Walmart Supercenter, if not available you can visit any Grocery store or neighborhood market. Look at the things and talk to managers and associates there. In Walmart interviews, they expect that you can speak about a store and tell them about your experience when you walk in and out. By this, you can also explain to them the things you want to improve.

5. Understand the Interview Process

Walmart interview process is conducted in such a way that helps their hiring manager to understand candidate’s thought process and how you contribute towards their team. All this is situational-based and requires a follow-up to imagine that you have been in a similar situation. Be prepared for this by navigating through how to prepare for a Walmart interview and some situational-based interview questions from the web.

6. Score Success in First Five Minutes

According to some studies, any interviewer makes up their mind regarding candidates in the first five minutes and then takes the rest of the interview to be sure about that decision. So those five minutes are the gate to your success and it is very important to show energy and enthusiasm at that particular time.

Be humble and confident in front of the interviewer. Also, start your words with something positive about the company like “I think Walmart is doing great and I am really excited to contribute to that.”

Remember it can happen that the interviewer is already pissed off from taking too many interviews, so it’s up to you how you will bring in that energy.

How to crack Walmart Interviews?

1. Prepare for some Common Interview Questions

Every interview has this linking phrase with it “common interview questions”. Prepare a list of these questions for the respective position and good impressive answers related to them. Prepare your answers in a way that gives you an opportunity to highlight your skills, abilities, and interest in the job.

Some of the common questions include-

  • Why should we hire you?
  • Give a brief introduction about yourself.
  • What motivates you the most?
  • Highlight your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Why you are looking for a job change?
  • Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 years?

2. Be ready to tackle inappropriate Questions

Questions related to race, age, religion, marital status, gender, and sexual orientation are inappropriate and illegal to ask in Walmart interviews. Nevertheless, you may get one or two of them. If you do then you have multiple options to handle them by answering them like “I am doubtful how it is linked to my application or role.” or try them by asking questions behind the question.

3. Line up your questions for an interviewer

The interview panel in Walmart always gives you time to ask questions. You can also use this opportunity to show your interest and excitement towards the job and the company, how eager you are to join Walmart and proves to be the best fit for that role. Questions asked by you say a lot about your personality so always take care of what you are asking at that time. Prepare a list of questions that demonstrates your skills and interests.

Some good questions which you can ask during that time are-

  • What will be my day-to-day responsibilities towards this job?
  • On what basis performance is measured in Walmart and by whom?
  • Could you give me a brief about your organizational structure?
  • Which software you are using?
  • What strategies do you opt to achieve a particular objective?

4. Decide on your interview dress

Your first impression is your last impression phrase always works. The moment you enter the interview room many eyes start noticing you. You can’t blabber just after you entered the room, at that moment your body language and your interview dress speak up. Wear a formal dress that automatically brings confidence in you. Make sure it is clean and wrinkle-free. If in case you are a deodorant lover make sure it is mild.

5. End your interview with a good impression

At the end of your interview, it is important to leave a good and positive impression on the interviewer. This is another way to ensure your success. Let’s discuss some points for the same-

  • Be polite and allow the interview to end on time.
  • You still have a chance to tell about your strengths and weakness if not done earlier.
  • If you want a job for some of your personal reasons, say it.
  • Tell them about your accomplishment that fits that particular role.
  • Ask them if there will be additional interviews round.
  • Ask them about your areas that need improvement.
  • Don’t forget to send a thank you email or letter after the interviewer.

6. Follow up and don’t give up

If in case you don’t get any reply or hear anything from the company within the allocated time, you should send a follow-up mail to the HR department and ask about the outcome of your interview. Don’t forget to mention your name, the role you have applied for, interview date, name of the interviewer, and other relevant details if in case HR wants to recall your meeting.

If in case no reply is coming from the HR department buckle up and move on to the next opportunity. Don’t give up and prepare a bit hard this time. Walmart always updates their Walmart Careers page to notify their candidates about ongoing vacancies.

7. Some Bonus Tips to crack Walmart interviews

Well, we would also love to see you smile, so here you go-

  • Before your turn comes, switch off your mobiles or put it on silent mode. If in case you are getting an urgent call speak in a very soft and low tone.
  • Sit with some patience in the waiting area. Roaming around in the office area leaves a negative impression.
  • Don’t get personal with the interviewer, HR Staff, and any employee.
  • Don’t stretch any answer too long. Keep them short and simple.
  • Don’t be negative about your previous company and role.
  • If you don’t know the answer don’t waste interviewer time, just say you don’t know. If in case you want some minutes to collect your thoughts then its fine to ask the interviewer for some time.