Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

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Nowadays Walmart has become one of the biggest brands in the retail corporations. It has over 11k stores in the world and approx 2.2 million associates; what a crazy number; right?

With these higher numbers you must be thinking, it is very difficult to crack the Walmart interview. Though it isn’t! We have prepared the list of Walmart Interview Questions that are going to help you in cracking your interview. Our list has general questions that are eligible for everyone, doesn’t matter for which particular role you are applying for.

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Most Frequently Asked Walmart Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Walmart Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

1. Why do you want to work for Walmart?


The interviewer is excited to know your intent behind joining this organization. Make sure you are not lowering down the interviewer’s excitement. Keep your answer clear and loud.

The perfect answer can be --
Why anyone would not like to work for such a big brand where you will get the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment. I am impressed with Walmart in all the ways, whether it is related to offering lower prices than other stores or providing jobs at the time of the pandemic. I am desperately looking to work with this brand and obviously, I will get the opportunities to explore myself along with a good salary.

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2. If you were told that you need to work as quickly as possible, how do you make sure that the quality of your work doesn’t suffer?


With this question, the interviewer wants to know your potential in balancing the quality along with the speed.

When I am in such tight deadlines, I used to follow my strategy. Where I used to create the workflow for my reference that includes all the standard steps that need to be followed then I concentrate follow them and ensure that I am working on all the points. I can maintain or manage to work upon all the pointers even when I am working quickly.

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3. Can you describe a time you went above and beyond in the name of customer service?


Here, the interviewer wants to know your willingness level. Like what level of work are you going to do when it comes to making the customer happy and satisfied?

It will be great if you can share some real-life examples with the interviewer.

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4. What would you do if you saw a coworker steal a quarter from the cash register?


Stealing cash is a big crime. It raises questions on the loyalty of an employee towards the company. So don't take it lightly.

Sir, I will ask him in person about what I saw is true or not. If I don't get a convincing answer, I will raise the bell to the management as soon as possible.

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5. If a customer accused you of not addressing their needs, what would you do?


Sir, I will try to calm him down and will listen to his side of the story to provide him a better solution. Even then if he is not satisfied I will ask for my seniors’ help to solve the problem quickly.

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6. Tell me about your proudest customer service moment.


Tell them your own story which had happened with you in your past. You can modify your story a little bit to make it more interesting and your story should display at least 2-3 of these qualities. Care, compassion, fidelity, teamwork, empathy, learning agility, focused, and so forth.

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7. Can you work evenings, weekends, and holidays?


Just believe in the system and say "Yes". Most companies just ask this to see the candidate's commitment towards his job. There will be situations where they will ask you to do a job in uncertain working hours or even on holidays.

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8. Do you prefer working as part of a team or independently?


This question is tricky. The interviewer wants you to pick one; not both. But you must acknowledge the importance of the other one in your answer.

Sir, I prefer working as part of a team. I believe working as a team gives you exposure to different ideas to solve a common problem. Ultimately everybody has to do his/her share of tasks individually to get the job done.

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9. If a customer approaches you while you are in the middle of a high-priority task, what do you do?


A client is equally important as a priority task so ignoring a client's problem can put you in trouble too. But your focus should be tilted towards the high-priority tasks. You can escape this problem by just asking for help from your colleague.

I would help the client if the query can be resolved instantly and verbally otherwise I will ask my coworker's help to deal with the client's query.

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10. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your communication skills? Why would you give it that score?


Communication has nothing to do with your English speaking skills. If your interview went well and you made a connection with your interviewers, then you can give yourself a higher score.

Sir depending on today's interview I will give myself an 8.

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Walmart team lead interview questions

Want a position as a Team Lead in Walmart? Well leading a team is a daily requisite in Walmart but you can’t show your leading skills just like that. You have to clear Team Lead Interview and to assist with that we are providing you with some Walmart Team Lead Interview Questions. These questions will help you prepare your answer in advance and show them that you are the best fit for that role.

  • Why did you choose Walmart?
  • What does the word leader mean to you?
  • How would you calm down an upset customer?
  • How do you handle a difficult customer interview question?
  • How do you answer Describe a time you took the lead on a project?
  • How is your previous experience relevant to these role examples?
  • Tell about a time you provided great customer service and what was the outcome?
  • If you are opening a new Walmart branch, how would you decide how many cash registers are needed for the store?
  • How would you keep Developers working on a product motivated and turning out quality work?
  • How do you design a Supermarket for older people?

Walmart pharmacist interview questions

It takes a lot of courage, effort, and five-seven years of difficult studies to become a qualified pharmacist and be a part of Walmart’s pharmacy. Finally, after graduation, people don’t get a job and face a big debt. Our page will help you to prepare for your job interview, all you have to do is navigate to the Walmart pharmacist interview questions page.

  • Why did you choose a career as a pharmacist?
  • How many patients or prescriptions do this pharmacy handle in a day?
  • What is the biggest challenge the pharmacy community is facing?
  • What steps do you take to remain up-to-date on new medications?
  • How do you ensure patients are properly educated about their medications.
  • If a pharmacy technician who is usually accurate started making mistakes, what would you do?
  • Tell me about a time you failed to meet a patient’s expectations.
  • What is the most critical aspect of a pharmacist’s job from a business perspective?
  • If a patient has questions but doesn’t speak English, what would you do?
  • Tell me about a time when you had a particularly difficult customer. How did you handle the situation?
  • If a patient became worried about the side effects of a new prescription to the point where they weren’t sure they wanted to take it, what would you do?

Walmart Management interview questions and answers

We all are aware of the fact that in the end, Walmart has to deal with customers, and for that, a manager must be there. Competition for management jobs is so tough, employers always value and seek candidates who are good with management and leadership skills. In these cases, candidates will look for Walmart management interview questions and answers and be happy to find them. We are glad we are the reason for your smile.

Walmart Coach Interview questions

Jobs related to Walmart Coach are always available on our site. These jobs got too many views from candidates and are highly appreciated for their guiding skills, as well as high salaries. To fit in this role you have to go from a coach interview and this is one of the reasons we regularly update our Walmart Coach Interview Questions to support candidates and reduce their efforts to navigate on different links.

The above listed are the common Walmart interview questions and answers that are possibly going to be asked to you in your interview. We recommend you practice them hard along with your domain-specific questions.

The perfect answers to these common questions help you to build a healthy or professional relationship with your hiring manager. Try to be positive and talkative during the interview, it helps the interview to understand what kind a person you are.

Just keep these little things in your mind and you are all set for your interview. Good luck!

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