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Modern-day technologies are having a major impact and are considered on the front line. They also tend to change, modify, or adapt with time; updating is the major instance seen. In the year 2009, Google developed AngularJS, and by this time its many updated versions have been released. In case you are preparing for Angular 2 interview questions, then it is very important to know the basic difference among AngularJS, Angular 2 and Angular 4.


Launched in the year 2009, this is the first version of the series which has strengthened the front end development for a number of applications. It is the most precise solution for single page development. Its prominent features are – It has been a very dominant interrogation raised for Angular JS interview questions. AngularJS has been the most preferred open source javascript framework that many developers considered it as the first choice.

  • The framework of JavaScript MVW
  • Permits event handling conveniently
  • Forms validations and animations

Angular 2

It is the modified version of AngularJS developed considering the component concept. Using the typescript, it was re-written from the AngularJS team. As it was the revision, it supports better performance.

  • It provides more scalability
  • Comparatively faster
  • Its architecture is based over the web instances

Angular 4

Being the latest version, it has major attractions and accommodation. Compiling the JavaScript, it also supports Typescript. It enables the programs to execute consuming lesser space and quickly. It may be a little bit confusing for the fresh developers, but for experienced developers, it is just incredible.

  • It supports email valuator
  • It utilizes if/else statement

Note: This is one of the basic Angular 4 interview questions, so gather as much as information you can regarding this.

AngularJS vs. Angular 2 vs. Angular 4

module AngularJS Angular 2 Angular 4
On the basis of the framework AngularJS is based on model view controller architecture, which is centralized for managing the data, rules, and instances for an application. Based on the available information, it also generated the view. Angular 2 architecture successfully replaces the controller and scope with directives and components. Both of them manage to deal with the logic and rules available on the page. There are two directives available in Angular 2, i.e. Structural directives and attributive directives. Angular 4 is the latest advanced version of AngularJS, and it is backward compatible with the former Angular 2. The structural derivatives of angular 2 Nglf and Ngf have been improvised. For the template, if/else design syntax can also be used.
On the basis of language AngularJS is developed and written in JavaScript. Angular 2 uses the typescript language of Microsoft which is basically a superset of ECMA script 6. Angular 4 follows the latest version of typescript, which is more focused on type checking and features rich.
On the basis of expression syntax AngularJS uses the suitable ng directive for combining the images with an event. Angular 2 consider ‘()’ for an event and ‘[]’ for property binding. Angular 4 follows the expression syntax in a different manner.