Updated on 10 Jun 2019 | 3 Min Read

Well, the number of IT aspirants is not going to down in the near future. With the increasing demand for tech candidates among global businesses, the chances are solid that you may land on an opportunity of a lifetime with a dream package. We will discuss here the super-secret to crack your next technical interview and how to best prepare with decisive technical interview questions. But, to achieve great success, nothing less than concrete level preparation is required.

What Does Make Technical Interview Different from Other Interviews?

Unlike basic interviews, technical interviews involve greater challenges and complex assignments. They are more like a complex than a typical interview question and answer round. Candidates here have to prove that they have the required technical skills to perform the job for the best results, rather than just conversing with the interviewer that they have them.

Contrary to the false beliefs that technical interviews are brain teasers with back to back impossible questions and mindboggling riddles, technical interview question rounds scale the extent of candidates ability to tackle and successfully handle real-time problems similar to the ones that they might face once they start performing the job.

Technical Interview Rounds

Unlike tradition interview, tech interviews primarily come in three basic rounds.
  • Tele Call Screening
    If your resume gets selected, you most likely to receive a call to make sure that you are qualified enough or enthusiastic to proceed further to the next round.
  • Remote Coding Assignment
    To test your coding and tech skills more, you will be assigned with a preliminary test or a remote assignment (to work at home) before the third and final stage.
  • Onsite Technical Interview
    This round involves an in-person technical interview with department seniors and other coding challenges.

Tips for Guaranteed Success in Technical Interviews

Research About Your Employer

Our first expert tip for you is to do a thorough background search about the employer before you sit in the interview. This will not only help you learn the history of the company but also shares valuable information on what type of technical interview questions that you may be asked. Research their objectives and vision so that you will be able to align with the job role and satisfactorily answer them how you can benefit them.

Be Honest with Your CV

It’s crucial to remember that lying or throwing big words, even though you lack enough skill levels, will eventually backfire to you in the near future. No one is not supposed to know everything; believe it not even Google CEO. Humbly accept what you are confident with and what you are now. Document your CV with all the proper skills and experience. It’s always counted best than sharing a wrong response or creating a wrong impression.

Keep Your Cool & Think Out Loud

Technical interviewers will definitely check your stability in stress situations. Whether they share a narrow situation almost near to impossible or an easy but tricky one; always stay prepared to keep your cool in such situations. Getting worried or too hyped is definitely not going to mark your success. Think out loud whether you are missing something or not, keep smiling, have patience, and keep your answer clear.

Get Opinion for Your Profile

Before the interview is about to close, it is recommended to ask your interviewer how the whole process went and what are your chances to be selected. But don’t push too much. Getting feedback shares a positive impression for the candidate and shows keenness to fulfill that spot.