Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Feb 07, 2024
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Angular 6 Interview Questions

Angular 6, released in May 2018, is backward compatible with Angular 5. This means projects created in Angular 5 will work seamlessly with Angular 6. Angular 6 has introduced the developers to a unique feature - Angular elements. This is an essential topic in Angular 6 Interview Questions for experienced professionals and freshers. This feature will allow the developers to render their Angular elements as essential web elements and will be looked upon as trusted HTML elements.

Features of Angular 6
  • Bazel compiler
  • Ivy renderer
  • Addition of elements
  • Component Development Kit with stable Angular material
  • The support for TypeScript 2.7+
  • NgModelChange event
  • Addition of multiple validators for FormBuilder’s array method
  • CLI 1.7 support and its feature addition
  • Update for ng
Quick Facts About Angular 6
What is the latest version of Angular? Angular 11.0 released on 11th November 2020
When did angular 6 release? 4th May 2018
Who is the developer of Angular 6? Google
When was Angular first released? Angular 2.0 and released on 14th September 2016
License MIT License
What language does Angular use? TypeScript

Most Frequently Asked Angular 6 Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q41. What is the use of Codelyzer in Angular?

In Angular 6, Codelyzer is an open-source tool to run and also check if the pre-defined guidelines of coding procedures are followed or not. It only does a static code analysis for both Angular and Typescript code. It analyses and runs on tslint.

Q42. What is Linting in Angular?

In Angular 6, Linting is a tool that is used to check the Typescript code for programmatic and styling errors. A JSON file is a configuration for linting and this file contains all the default guidelines for linting.

Q43. What is style function in Angular 6?

In Angular 6, a style function is used to declare a key or valuable object which contains CSS properties and or styles that shall be used in an animation state or sequence. It can be used within styling data for calls to animate and keyframes.

Q44. What is HostListener in Angular?

HostListener in Angular 6 is basically a decorator which declares a DOM event to listen for and also provide a handler method to run if and when that specific event occurs. Host Listener is a set of arguments that is used to pass the handler method when an event occurs.

Q45. What are the case types in Angular 6?

There are three case types in Angular 6:

  • Upper case Pipe
  • Lower Case Pipe
  • Title Case Pipe
Q46. What is a dl token in Angular 6?

In Angular 6, a DI token means a Dependency Injection Token. It is basically a lookup token associated with a dependency provider, to be used in the Dependency Injection system.

Q47. What is the difference between component and directive in Angular 6?
Component Directive
A component is a directive used to shadow DOM to create and encapsulate visual behavior called components. They are typically used to create UI widgets. A Directive is usually used while adding behavior to an existing DOM element.
For registering a component, we use @Component metadata annotation attributes. For registering directives, we use the @Directive meta-data annotation attribute.
It is also used to break up the application into smaller components. It is mainly used to design re-usable components.
Only one component is allowed to be present per DOM element. Multiple directives can be used in a per DOM element.
@View decorator or template URL template is mandatory in a component. A Directive does not have View
A component is used to define pipes. You can’t define Pipes in a directive.

Angular 6 Interview questions are always a level up and thus a little tough to crack. In the Updated Angular Command Line Interface or CLI, new commands have been added such as ng-update for migrating from previous versions to the current version.

The updated Component Development Kit or CDK supports the creation of custom UI elements without the need for a material library. It also promotes responsive website layouts.

The new multiple validators will allow the developers to include various validators on a form builder. Angular 6 also includes the updated Rxjs library, which means developers can enjoy the newest features in the latest version of RxJS 6 in their Angular app. If you are scrolling on the web for angular 6 interview questions and answers pdf, then this guide will gonna help you.

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