Why do you want to be a Police Officer?

In this Police Interview Question, the interviewer wants to judge the thought and the motive behind choosing your career as a police officer. You can begin talking about your passion, the commitment which you have towards serving the nation. You were able to see the intensity of the work and integrity required in the police department of our country. I always wish to help those people who are not capable of supporting themselves. Also, I don’t have the nature of seeing cruel people taking benefits from people with innocence. These are the main reasons for choosing this rewarding career as helping others gives me peace.

Here are a few suggestions of what you could plan to accomplish on the job to prove that you've got good intentions as an officer in the police force.
  • Aid in reducing crime rates within the community.
  • Do your best to help people learn more about the law.
  • Establish a connection with your local community.
  • Be kind to people from all backgrounds with respect.
  • Let people feel safe and safe.
BY Best Interview Question ON 31 Jan 2024