Privacy Policy

With the growth of digitalisation, there has been a surge in the need of stringent privacy policies to restore the data collected from various sources at Best Interview, it is our prime responsibility to assure our users and visitors that the personal information shared by them will be safe and secured.

Thanks you for visiting Best Interview, we aim to help you prosper in your field of work by aggregating some of the best interview questions and making it simple for you to excel in any job interview.

Our prime responsibility is to serve you better and for that we adhere to the internet privacy guidelines -- PII (Personally identifiable information). As per this privacy policy, we assure to maintain the information shared by you with utmost confidentiality. Hence, we request you to go through the privacy policies to understand our endeavours to secure the information provided by you, and how and why we need your basic information to serve you better.

Basic User information

It is our pleasure to help you explore the most progressive set of interview questions from across the industry, and in this endeavour we require a few basic informations, which further makes it easy for us to serve you better!

What we seek?

In order to access our website via app,desktop or any other digital platform, you first need to register with us and share a few basic details such as name, email address, field of interest,which will help us to understand you better and send you updates regarding your area of interest. Moreover, we ensure all the details you enter are safe with us by two-way security system. This basic set of information will ease out the process of customising the interview questions as per your needs.

Here's how we use the information

Whenever you register with the Best Interview, subscribe to our newsletters, revert to our ongoing surveys or make a purchase, we ask you some generic questions, which we wisely use to send you newsletter as per your field of interest.

Apart from that we also use this piece of information provided by you in order to keep you posted with the trending industry questions, job trend blogs, contests and surveys that we organise from time to time.

How we ensure your data security

The information you share with us while registering to our website or subscribing to our newsletters is wisely used by us to send you articles, notifications about new products and services on our website that can help you excel in your area of interest, and help you crack any job interview in your respective field.

What's more, we always ensure that the data/ information provided you is secured by two-step security and cannot be breached at any given point of time. Apart from that we will never ask you to enter your credit card/ debit card or bank details. Moreover, we frequently use Malware scanning and ensure your information is safe by not accepting any SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

We don't use cookies

At Best Interview, we don't use cookies to trace potential targets. Whenever you visit our website, we give you the liberty to turn off the cookies from the settings and warn you each time a cookie is sent. We leave it your discretion to allow or discard the cookies.

Here's how you turn off the cookies:

Go to the settings of your browser. Every browser has a different setting, so we advise you to refer to the help menu to know the right way.

While, blocking the cookies make sure you only block the ones that can cause trouble. In fact, there are some cookies that can slow down or hamper the functioning of the app or website, so choose wisely!

Trusted third party alliance

Best Interview is one of the most trusted and recognised brands as we don't sell or share any of the information that we gather from our visitors. We strictly believe in keeping our user data secured.

We often run promotions and campaigns related to our third party alliances on our website. However, we suggest you to read their privacy policies before making a purchase or registering for the offers.

We will not be liable for any fraudulent or negative experiences with the third party alliances. We leave it to your discretion to read the terms and conditions before proceeding for any engagements.

Google advertisements policy

Being the biggest search engine, Google has supported us as a third party vendor by posting advertisements and offers on our website as a part of its Adsense policy. You can see Google sending in DART cookies which shows advertisements to our visitors based on their past searches.

If you don't want to come across any such Google advertisements, you have an option to opt out by clicking on Google Ad settings. Apart from that you can also opt out of by selecting Network Advertising Initiative and unsubscribe the page.

Online privacy protection act:

At Best Interview we ensure that any post or information you share is secured under the online privacy protection act. In the age of digitalisation, it is a necessity to secure personal credentials from cyber crime. Hence, it is our prime responsibility to inform our visitors about how the information collected by us will be used.

We adhere to the following privacy policies:

According to the privacy protection act it is upto the visitors to decide whether they want to register or access our website.

In case of any amendment in the policies of our website, we will keep you updated.

Users can anytime modify their personal information. We also keep a close check on the third party behavioral tracking.

Children privacy protection act

The aim of this website is to bring to you the best of industry oriented questions and help you excel in your job interviews. As per the policies, if kids are interested in registering or subscribing, we ask them to register with their parent's credentials. Kids below 13 years can only subscribe or make a purchase under the guidance of their parents.

Information practices

Fair Information Practices play a very pivotal role in ensuring data protection. This law throws light on how various privacy policies must be implemented to safeguard user information.

At Best Interview, we adhere to the rules and regulations as per the Fair Information Practices policy. We take ensure in case of data breach, we plan to take responsive action such as we will inform all our user through email and site notification within seven business days


At Best Interview, we respect and follow the redress principle, in case of breach of user's personal information, they will have the right to proceed judicially, if required. However, at first, we would support our users to ensure their data security.

In case of not adhering to the strict data privacy policies, individuals as well entities can proceed lawfully against the data collectors and processors, they can appeal to Government Institution to enquire in case of breach of data privacy.

Email updates as per Can-SPAM act

As per the Can Spam act, there are various rules in context of disseminating commercial emails, messages, notifications. Users can choose to receive these or unsubscribe anytime they want to.

How we adhere to the Can-SPAM act:

We ensure that we don't send any misleading information via emails and notifications. In case of promotional notifications, the email can be considered as an advertisement. We leave it your discretion to access it or not.

We also try our best to monitor third party offers and promotions sent to our users via email and other modes.