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We all are familiar with Microsoft Office 365 as its products and services are used for various business technologies. It is a subscription-based service from which we can access various office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and many more. Demand for this technology is so huge in the market that one can think of making their career by going through these various Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers.

Today in this covid pandemic, various communication tools like Teams, Groups, PowerPoint, Meeting Scheduler are so common and used by everyone, ever thought about where these services came from? Yes, you are guessing it right. These services are provided by Microsoft Office 365. Once you will buy Office 365 subscription you will get all its benefits, some before subscription and some after subscription. It also released a package that is only for educational purposes and is known as Office 365 Education. Today everyone is concerned about his/her data privacy, due to its cloud-based features it has full reliability of organizing, sharing, and securing your data.

Quick Facts About Office 365
When did Office 365 release? 28th June 2011
Who is the developer of Office 365? Microsoft Corporation
What language does Office 365 use? C++
Operating system Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Office 365 comes with other tools like email clients, calendar applications and meeting scheduler to take care of all the possible tools required on an enterprise level.

Most Frequently Asked O365 interview questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Office 365 Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

1. What is the use of ADFS in Office 365?


ADFS or Active Directory Federation Services is web service and feature in the Windows Server Operating System which enables sharing of identity information to any user not inside an organization network. This is used mainly in Office 365 so that people who are not a part of the organization can access limited data.

Use of ADFS in Office 365 mt-10

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2. What is Autodiscover service, and how it works?


The Autodiscover service in Microsoft Office 365 is an exchange feature which helps in configuring the user’s mailbox automatically. It is used for minimizing the user configuration and deployment steps by providing access to Exchange features for clients.

To make Autodiscover work without any user interaction, Microsoft has developed a method for telling Outlook to find the configuration info it needed automatically. This was accomplished by using a few DNS lookups based on a set piece of information that everyone had to put in, i.e., the email address.

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3. How does Office 365 integrate with Active Directory?


Follow these steps to successfully integrate Active Directory with Office 365:

  • Log in to Microsoft Office 365
  • Go to the Users tab, then select Active Users
  • Click on the Active Directory Synchronization link above the user list
  • Click on the activate button over the selected user from the list, a notification should pop up
  • Now, click on the Download button and install the Directory Sync Tool
  • Follow the installation setup and click on Start Configuration Now and then Finish
  • After logging in, click on Hybrid Deployment, after that mark the Enable Password Sync checkbox and click on Next.
  • Wait for the configuration setup and then mark the Synchronize your Directories Now checkbox and finish the setup.

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4. What is FastTrack deployment for Office 365?


The office 365 fasttrack deployment is a service in Microsoft Office 365 that is designed for helping all the businesses investing in Office 365 and moving all of their existing data and systems to the cloud.

Office 365 interview questions
It helps to provide a very smooth with the help of Microsoft engineers and partners who are working alongside your team. This is a very important Microsoft 365 interview questions and generally it is asked in every interview.
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5. How do you balance the organic growth of Office 365 Groups and governance?


The following measures can maintain a balance between the organic Growth of Groups and Governance:

  • Controlling who can create Microsoft 365 groups
  • Enabling group soft delete and restoration to avoid any unnecessary actions
  • Applying a group naming policy to block specific words from being used
  • Keeping a group expiration policy so that administrators have to manage groups properly
  • Maintaining a group guest access policy
  • Extensive group policies for information protection
  • Upgrading traditional collaboration tools to share tools and improve productivity
  • Having a group report dashboard for analyzing individual projects on a granular level.
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6. What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019?


Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019 have the following differences:

Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 2019
This is a monthly or annual subscription to multiple Microsoft Tools over multiple devices. This is a one-time subscription for availing access to Microsoft Office Tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Includes both security and features update Includes only security updates, not any major updates
Can be installed and used from multiple devices at the same time Can be installed on only a single device
Extra apps Like Microsoft OneDrive Cloud when signing into Microsoft 365 No extra features included in the mobile apps
Includes technical help and online support features No technical support available
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7. What is Conditional Access Policies in Office 365?


The Microsoft 365 Conditional Access Policies feature enables you to implement a fully automated and conditional access control for accessing various apps on your cloud.

Office 365 interview questions
This O365 interview question have been made by experts. It will helpful to answer some of the most frequently asked questions during a job interview.
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8. How is Outlook Groups different from Office 365 Groups?


Outlook Group Office 365 Group
Also known as a distribution list, it is a list of email addresses used to send emails to multiple recipients without having to enter each one of them manually. It is a list of special cross-application services used for collaborating with other users in a team and editing documents on a team or project level.
Used for sending notifications to a group of people. Used for collaborating with users both inside and outside of the company.
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9. What are the identity models available in Office 365?


There are mainly three identity moles in Office 365. They are:

  • Cloud Identity
  • Synchronized Identity
  • Federated Identity
Office 365 interview questions
We recommended that you use the simple identity model that meets your needs. If your needs change then you can switch these models each other easily.
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10. What is the purpose of the Post Master address, and How will you configure it in Office 365?


The postmaster address in Office 365 is used for sending system-generated messages and notifications all to recipients who are outside of your Microsoft Exchange Online organization.

You need to use the Exchange Online Powershell to configure a postmaster address. Here’s how to set a postmaster address in office 365:

Use this syntax in Powershell and mention the email address you want to set as the postmaster:

Set-TransportConfig -ExternalPostmasterAddress <emailaddress></emailaddress>

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11. How do I add a Webpart in Office 365?


Follow these steps to successfully add a web part in Office 365 through a Sharepoint Page:

  • Login to Sharepoint through your Office 365 credentials and click on the top left Page Tab
  • Now, click on Edit
  • In this Edit mode, click on Layout and then choose a Text Layout for your page
  • Now that the layout is decided, click on the Insert Tab and Click on Web Part
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12. What is categorizer in exchange?


A categorizer, also known as SMTP Categorizer is used in Exchange Servers as a component in the Transport service which performs Active Directory LDAP queries to determine what do do with an incoming on outing message based on information and destination.

Note: This is a very important Office 365 Interview Questions and generally it is asked in every interview.

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13. What is difference between e1 and e3?


E1 E3
Only supports online web version Supports both mobile and offline access from multiple devices
Only 1TB of cloud storage support Up to 5TB of cloud storage support
Does not support Remote Desktop or Citrix Environment Supports Remote Access Desktop
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) not available Data Loss Prevention is available
Costs $8 USD monthly Costs $20 USD monthly
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14. What are the levels of Office 365 Administration?


There are basically three levels of administration levels in Office 365. They are:

  • User: This level is assigned to a person not assigned as an administrator or a part of administrator roles.
  • Global administrator: This is the main Administrator who is also a SharePoint administrator in Office 365.
  • Customized Administrator: This is a type of administrator given special access as per the person’s required tasks and roles.
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15. What is the difference between Office 365 groups and teams?


Microsoft Teams Office 365 Group
It is a comprehensive communication infrastructure. List of Active Directory Users given access to Microsoft Tools like OneNote, SharePoint.
It is used to manage and organize chats, reference Sharepoint pages and more. It is used to manage groups of people who use similar tools.
It is a consolidated dashboard of services offered. It is a back-end action connecting groups of people with similar tools.
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16. What is o365 governance?


Basically, Governance in Office 365 refers to the practical use of process and policies towards meeting specific organizational goals. It covers all the aspects including compliance, security, planning, especially IT and Technology.

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17. What can a guest user do in Office 365?


A guest user in Office 365 is a customized user role with limited access rights. This lets them collaborate with you and accessing limited chats, files, calendar invitations, and group notebook.

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18. What is o365 Security and Compliance Center?


The Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance Center is a dashboard to help you manage multiple compliance features across Office 365 within your organization. SharePoint and Exchange Server when interlinked can bring compliance features together across your Office 365.
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19. How do I check quarantine in Office 365?


Follow these steps to view messages sent to Quarantine on Office 365

  • Sign in to your Office 365 and go to the Security & Compliance Center
  • On the left side, expand Threat Management
  • Click on Review
  • Click on Quarantine and check the messages.
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20. What is the difference between list and library?


Lists Libraries
Lists are not integrated with any documents Each row in a library is integrated with a document, picture, web page from Office Tools.
Lists are not associated with metadata. Columns in a Library comprise of data associated with any document.
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21. What is office365 flow?


Office 365 Flow is a workplace management application which is used to automate workflows across other application and tools in Office 365.

Office 365 interview questions
Flows are similar to pipes which allow users to connect two or more applications or services together by piping data from one system to another.
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Note: Office 365 to learn algorithm combined with its data semantics makes it a very high-functioning tool. Our list of Office 365 Interview Questions will help you in understanding the core elements of Office 365 while giving you clarity on the subject.

Advantages of using Office 365

  • Easy access helping you to work fro anywhere
  • Simple user interface allowing you to easily collaborate with team members
  • Reduced cost expenditure
  • Minimizes hardware costs drastically with cloud management
  • Installation on up to 5 devices per user
  • Mix and Match Plans for your specific needs
  • Advanced Security Features for organizational privacy
  • Enhanced Email Capabilities for better management of Emails in an organization


If you are reading this article, high chances are that your interview is scheduled in the upcoming days. Well in the end everyone wants some short and smart tips to crack the interview apart from reading only and only about the topic. Here you go-

  • Your first impression is your last impression, so set it.
  • Prepare a short and smart elevator pitch of 30 - 60 sec about “ Tell me about yourself”.
  • You must read about the company, employer before your interview to show your interest.
  • Learn to say “ I Don’t Know” if you don’t know the answer.
  • Try to answer the question by not saying only “YES” and “No”.
  • Last but not least, always follow up with your interview and send a Thankyou note.
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