Although both Java and Kotlin are used for Android app development, it is hard to choose a better one. This is because both have their pros/cons and are dominant programming languages.

Advantages of using Java:

  • It has a straightforward and readable syntax.
  • It is a pure form of OOPS
  • It has a faster compilation speed than Kotlin
  • Some features of Android studio, like auto-complete and compilation, run faster.

Advantages of using Kotlin:

  • It is comparatively easy to learn than Java
  • It does not have the legacy baggage that Java has been carrying around for a long time.
  • It is packed with modern programming features, making development a lot easier.
  • It has a safer and smarter compiler as compared to Java.

As you can see, both of these languages have their advantages and disadvantages. So, the actual question you must be asking yourself is, what are my needs and what’s best for my project.

BY Best Interview Question ON 17 Aug 2020