We often heard that customers are always right in our training sessions but sometimes this is not true. There is a possibility of 2 scenarios where you might need to deal with them:

  • If the customer is over the phone
  • If a customer is physically present in front of you.

In the first scenario opt for these steps to calm them-

  • Listen carefully: Just listen to them with all your patience. Listen to what concern and issue they are having. Don’t pre-assume anything.
  • Commit to resolve and then apologize: After listening to them, commit them that you will resolve the issue and apologize to them for the inconvenience caused.
  • Finding the best solution: Now it all depends on your solution that will make the customer comfortable.

In the second one, you only need to listen to the problem that customer faced just like in the first scenario, make them calm by doing -

  • Make the customer seated first.
  • Offer them a glass of water.
  • First, apologize and then listen to them
BY Best Interview Question ON 02 Mar 2021