What's New in Laravel 9?

Laravel 9 is now available. It comes with a variety of new features. These include an improved accessor/mutator API and better support for Enum cast, forced scope bindings, and a new database engine to power Laravel Scout.

New Features in Laravel 9

  • Minimum PHP Requirement
  • Anonymous Stub Migration
  • Controller Route Groups
  • Forced Scoping Of Route Bindings
  • Implicit Route Bindings With Enums
  • Improved Eloquent Accessors / Mutators
  • Bootstrap 5 Pagination Views
  • New Interface for the Query Builder
  • Symfony Mailer & Flysystem 3.x
  • Slot Name Shortcut
  • Full Text Indexes / Where Clauses
  • Rendering Inline Blade Templates
  • Improved Validation Of Nested Array Data
  • Test Coverage Using Artisan test Command etc.

For more info, you can visit here.

BY Best Interview Question ON 01 Mar 2023