Almost every type of ad can be run using the Google AdWords platform. Some of the categories of ads are as follows :

  • Search ads: These are the ads that appear above the organic listing of searched terms. There are generally related to services or products related to that term.
  • Call-only ads: These ads are only available on call enabled devices, for example, mobile phones. These ads make you call directly to the mentioned company’s customer service rather than landing on a web page.
  • Dynamic ads: These ads are best suited for businesses that consist of an active and well-managed website. The reason behind this is that the content of the ad and the website upon which it lands on clicking are dynamically taken from the company’s website. There are no keywords involved in dynamic ads.
  • Mobile app promotion: These ads are best suited for companies or businesses which have an interactive and active mobile application. The main aim of these ads includes encouraging users to download the app or take wished actions within the application.
BY Best Interview Question ON 11 Oct 2019