RDBMS stands for the Relational Database Management System.RDBMS is the DBMS in which the data is stored in the tables, i.e., the values are stored in the rows and columns.

The components of RDBMS are:-
  • Tables:-Table holds the records for one entity whose information has to be saved. Here every row contains a record, and every column represents an attribute.
  • Forms:-Forms are used to enter the new record into the database.
  • Queries:-Queries are used to search the data across the tables to executes the queries.
  • Reports:-Reports are used to organize the query results in a proper way.
  • Macros:-provides the more features and the extra functionality to the database.
  • Modules:-Programmers can write the modules in their respective programming language and then run the blades when they are required from the database.
BY Best Interview Question ON 18 Mar 2020