With the help of Query Workbench, the user can easily explore the data and create, edit, run, and save N1QL queries, view and also save query results, and also examine the structures of the document in a bucket and all these features only in a single window.

Query Workbench Features
  • A single visual interface to execute query development and testing.
  • Complex queries can be easily viewed and edited by giving features like multi-line formatting, syntax coloring, copy-and-paste, auto-completion of N1QL keywords, bucket and field names and smooth cursor movement.
  • By using the N1QL INFER command, the structure of the documents in a bucket can be viewed. The user does not have to select the documents randomly and predict the structure of the document.
  • Query results are displayed in multiple formats: tree, JSON and table, and the query results can be saved to a file on disk.
BY Best Interview Question ON 24 Mar 2019