Couchbase server is basically a NoSQL database which is elastic, fast and also easy to use. Couchbase server is also known as Membase which means couchbase server is distributed, multi-model NoSQL file oriented database software packet. Couchbase server is considered for the standard application which has many uses and is broadly adopted in the modern-day approaches.

Why is it used?

Couchbase Server is a specialist in providing low-latency data management for a large-scale interactive mobile, web and also IoT applications. Some of the requirements which couchbase server fulfill include:-

  • Unified Programming Interface
  • Query
  • Search
  • Analytics
  • Core database engine
  • Scale-out architecture
  • Memory-first architecture
  • Big data and SQL integrations
  • Full-stack security
  • Container and Cloud deployments
BY Best Interview Question ON 24 Mar 2019