Accessing your strengths-

In this, you need to cover all the skills such as knowledge-based skills, transferrable and personal traits. Talk about the acquired experience and education including technical ability, courses, language proficiency, training, and abilities. Include planning and problem-solving skills, formal, punctual, flexible, friendly, working, expressive, empathetic. Along with these, you can mention others as what you think about yourself. It might also add disciplines, patient, respectfulness, dedicated, honest, determined to work, etc.

Accessing your weakness-

It is one of the trickiest questions in the HR round, and here you need to be smart. The best answer which we have come across is saying the ability to do one work at a time. See, it is a two-way answer. Other answers to this question can be pleasing to everyone, being too critical at some point in time. Don’t forget to minimize your focus on this question and concentrate on your strengths.

BY Best Interview Question ON 19 Apr 2019