This hacking situation is common nowadays. The more your website grows, the more chance it will have to be hacked. On starting a new website you need to know one sure thing which is, how to create a backup of your data and WordPress core files. Without this knowledge you can get rid of the hackers but with the cost of your data which is a nightmare for every admin. So always have a backup of your website's core files and the data. Now if you have that, the rest of the tasks are easy.

  • Change the password immediately.
  • Remove all the suspicious users and change all of their permissions to view content only. Talk to them and Change their passwords also.
  • Run a good antivirus plugin and eliminate all the malicious and infected content.
  • Update all your plugins, themes, or even WordPress.
  • Clean your sitemaps.
  • Reinstall your plugins, themes, and WordPress core.
  • Remove the files which your antivirus can't remove and restore them with your backup file.
  • Activate your firewall and antivirus for future attacks.
  • Ask for third-party antivirus agencies if the damage is huge and you are unable to solve it on your own.
BY Best Interview Question ON 28 Feb 2023