There are a number of reasons because of which Google AdWords should be used by big as well as small businesses. Some of them are as follows :

  • There is no minimum investment defined for small businesses or monthly ad spend which lessens the risk of financial loss even if the idea of putting ads fails.
  • Google AdWords is extremely affordable. In addition to that, marketers only need to pay for results. With the help of the “pay per click” feature, Google AdWords allows businesses to pay for the times any visitor clicks on their ad.
  • Google ads always appear at the perfect time. When any visitor searches something in Google, only those ads show up which match the preferences and search results of the user which automatically grabs the attention and thus it eventually becomes worth the money spent on the ad.
  • Ads show up either in the top or the bottom which do not interfere with the search results (generally). In addition to that, because of the knowledge of the location of the user, Google AdWords displays ads of companies that are nearer to the user’s geographical location.
  • They attract and engage the target customers by displaying ads along with the search results according to the choice of the user or the search term he/she put in the search bar of Google.
  • Google Adwords enhances the SEO strategies of any company and takes it to another level as it is a whole new creative way of advertising and target customer interaction.
BY Best Interview Question ON 11 Oct 2019