WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different platforms that offer WordPress content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites.

1. Hosting:

WordPress.com is a fully hosted platform that handles all the technical aspects of running a website, including hosting, security, and backups. On the other hand, WordPress.org is self-hosted, which means you need to find your hosting provider to host your website.

2. Customization:

WordPress.com offers limited customization options and doesn't allow access to the website's core files. In contrast, WordPress.org offers full customization options, allowing you to modify the code and access the website's core files.

3. Plugins and Themes:

WordPress.com offers a limited number of themes and plugins to choose from, whereas WordPress.org offers an extensive library of themes and plugins that you can use to customize your website.

4. Monetization:

WordPress.com doesn't allow you to monetize your website with ads unless you upgrade to a paid plan. However, with WordPress.org, you have complete control over your website, including the ability to monetize it with ads and other methods.

5. Pricing:

WordPress.com offers various pricing plans, from free to premium plans with advanced features. In contrast, WordPress.org is free, but you must pay for hosting and other website-related services.

WordPress.com is a great platform for beginners who want an easy-to-use website builder. At the same time, WordPress.org is more suitable for advanced users who want complete control and customization options over their websites.

BY Best Interview Question ON 28 Feb 2023