Ubuntu has a long list of basic commands. Here is the list of most used ones:
  • Sudo–to be used for a command that requires root permissions
  • ls (list) - terminal will show you all the files and folders of the directory
  • cd –Prime command that always is in use in terminal
  • pwd - displays the full pathname of the current working directory
  • cp - allows copying a file
  • mv - allows moving a file
  • rm - allows removing a specified file
  • mkdir–Used to create a new directory
  • history - displays all of the previous commands
  • df - presents information of all mounted filesystems disk space usage
  • du - shows the size of a directory and subdirectories
  • free –allows us to see the amount of open space available in the system
  • uname–a–Offers a wide range of necessary information regarding system
  • top –displays the process utilizing the most system resources at any given time
  • info –displays a manual page with precise information
BY Best Interview Question ON 22 Mar 2020