Here are a list most used external commands of DOS:
  • append - enables a user to open files in the specified directory
  • arp–Adds, removes and displays arp information from the network devices
  • assign –It redirects disk operation on one drive to a different one
  • backup –Used to backup data on a computer
  • cacls- enables users to view and modify an ACL of a file
  • chkdsk - checks the computer's hard drive status for any cross-linked or any additional the use of hard drive
  • choice –Allows scripts and batch files to wait for the user to select a set of choices
  • cipher –Alters or displays the encryption of directories on NTFS partitions
  • debug – Used to look at portions of computer and writing assembly code to perform certain tasks in the system
  • edit – it allows to view, create, or modify any text file
  • extract–Used to take files that are compressed in a Windows cabinet file and replace it into a user-specified location on the hard drive.
  • find –Used to search for text within a file
  • gpupdate– Used to refresh the local computers policy and other Active Directory-based Group policies.
  • ipconfig–Used to display the network settings currently given and assigned by a network.
  • logoff –Used to quickly log off the computer
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