Ticket Collector

TC full form in railway represents ticket collector. TC members inspect tickets and issue fines to those without one. They're distributed via online mediums. They are not required to wear uniforms (black coats), but they must always have photo identification on them.

Payment Received for TC Position

A monthly in-hand salary of around 36,000/- can be expected for those who are provisionally assigned the role of Ticket Collector. Whether employees work on a train or a platform can affect their RRB TC In-Hand Salary.

  • The base salary ranges from Rs. 5200 to Rs. 20200, with an additional Grade Pay of Rs. 1900/-
  • Base Pay of Rs. 15,000 per Month.
  • After factoring in all bonuses and benefits, the total monthly compensation is $36,000.

Perks and Advantages of TC

TC full form represents ticket collectors in the railway department with many benefits.

  • Gratuity payments are due to retirees.
  • The worker and his or her family are responsible for paying all medical bills.
  • A pension is paid to the employee once they reach retirement age. In the event of the employee's death, the dependents will also receive a pension.
  • Housing for railroad personnel.
  • Employees and their families can take advantage of discounted or free train rides.

Duties of a TC

The TC must oversee an assistant coach.

  • The TC's responsibility is to verify the passenger's ticket is legitimate. A passenger can be fined if their ticket is invalid.
  • The TC may make rounds of the terminals during peak traffic times. All train and platform tickets must be checked for validity.
  • The TC is responsible for appearing at the train station's information desk.

Progression in TC Profession

Railway Recruitment Board TE to CTI Promotion and Career Advancement Successful candidates begin their railway careers as TEs. The RRB TC Promotion/Career Advancement Policy applies in the following situations.

  • Selective procedure
  • Hiring based solely on experience is an example of non-selection.
  • The selection procedure includes departmental exams.
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