Reservation Against Cancellation

Reservation against cancellation is the RAC full form in railway. It's a sort of ticket sold by Indian Railways to travelers whose tickets aren't confirmed. It provides travel but does not guarantee a separate berth; a berth is split into two seats for 2 RAC ticket holders.

What is the RAC?

Technology can make booking a ticket easier. You may book a ticket on your phone in a few minutes. However, the railway uses multiple codes to represent booking status. If seats are available, a ticket will be confirmed; if not, it will go on the waiting list. There is a RAC full form that shows the Reservation against the cancellation ticket for not confirmation of the ticket after the Reservation.

In rare cases, a waiting list ticket may turn into a RAC ticket which means you won't get a single seat but will share one with another person. So we might argue that RAC full from shows Reservation against cancellation position is a half seat.

The scenario of the RAC holders who can confirm seats

A RAC ticket holder can acquire a vacant or private berth under specific situations, such as;

  • If there is a last-minute cancellation
  • If any quota is left unsold
  • If a scheduled ticket holder wants a free upgrade based on the availability of seats in the upper class, a passenger's seat can be allocated to a RAC ticket customer.

RAC cancellations

  • RAC ticket holders are allocated an empty berth in the event of a last-minute upgrade or cancellation.
  • Even after the final chart is out, RAC tickets can be canceled. The RAC ticket can be canceled 30 minutes before departure. According to IRCTC, no reimbursement is available.
  • A TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) must be requested for a refund on an online RAC ticket.
  • If many individuals are traveling on a party or family e-ticket, but only a few have confirmed reservations, confirmed passengers can get a full refund, less clerk age.
  • The TDR is collected 30 minutes before the train's departure if a ticket is canceled online.
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