Ticket Deposit Receipt

TDR full form in railway shows the Ticket Deposit Receipt. If your previously-booked train ticket is canceled for any of the reasons specified by the Indian Railways, you can file a refund claim.

Causes for TDR Filing

  • If the Indian railways decided to cancel the train.
  • If the train is more than three hours late, the passenger might decide not to take the trip.
  • The passenger must pay the price difference and sit in a lower class of service than what was originally reserved.
  • If the air conditioning in the AC buses does not function.
  • When passengers don't have valid forms of identification and still board a flight.
  • If the TTE decides to charge the passenger more money, this clause protects the TTE.
  • There was a detour, and the train never reached the boarding station.
  • The train skipped the final station and went in a different direction.
  • Unfortunately, the train did not make it to its final destination.
  • After chart preparation, the ticket status was changed to RAC, and the passenger did not travel.
  • Although the passenger's reservation had been confirmed or a waitlist had been established, the passenger did not use either option.
  • It turned out that the passenger missed his connection, which is why he arrived late.

Deposit Receipt Procedures for Tickets

  • TDR reimbursements will be handled according to the railroad's regulations.
  • TDR paperwork is submitted no later than 30 days after the train has left.
  • It will take at least 60 days to process the refund.
  • Requests for refunds in the case of E-tickets can be submitted digitally.
  • With an i-ticket, you can get a TDR by turning in your ticket to the station master. Then, mail the original TDR and the passenger's claim to the responsive id.
  • In the above scenario, at least 90 days are necessary.

When and How to File a TDR with the IRCTC

  • Access your IRCTC profile. Just go to the booked tickets page.
  • After deciding on the PNR that needs a TDR, you can fill one out by clicking the File TDR tab.
  • Passenger information can be retrieved from the ticket information.
  • Please choose the reason or provide your explanation for the others.
  • The 'submit' button must be pressed.
  • The successful completion of the TDR filing process will be evidenced visually.
  • If the message box's contents check out, click the OK button.
  • There was a complete filling of your TDR.
  • The PNR number, transaction number, reference number, TDR status, and reason will all be displayed on the confirmation page after you submit a TDR.
  • The zonal manager's signature is needed on the TDR application. Therefore, the time frame for a refund varies depending on the reason, and the refund may be denied altogether.
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