There are plenty of DOS commands available to be used according to their preference. Here is the list of most used ones:
  • command /?–List switched to the DOS command
  • type file.ext–To view the contents of the text file mentioned
  • edit file.ext–To use the DOS editor to edit the file mentioned
  • a: - Change to the mentioned directory
  • md c:\diry–Create a new subdirectory named diryin the c:\ directory
  • c:\ directory–To change the subdirectory diry
  • rd c:\diry–Used to remove existing subdirectory named diry
  • verify on–Turn on copy command verification
  • copy file1 file2–Copy files of file1 to file2
  • disk copy a: b: - To duplicate a disk using the two mentioned floppy drives
  • format a:- To format a disk in drive a:
  • format a: /s–Format a bootable disk. It can include system files
  • backup c:\ a: /s–To back up the entire c: to the a: drive
  • chkdsk–To check disk and memory usage of the current disk
  • mem–To check the memory usage

Internal & External DOS Command Interview Questions

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