Steps for the Installation of Angular 8 environmental setup
Step 1

Before installing Angular IDE using Angular CLI tool, make sure that Node.js has already installed in your system.

  • 1. If Node.js is not installed in your system install it using the following steps.
    • The basic requirement of Angular 8 is Node.js version 110.9.0 or later.
    • Download it using
    • Install it on your system
    • Open node.js command prompt
    • Check the version run command, node-v in the console window
Step 2

In order to install Angular CLI, use the following commands 2) npm install –g @angular/cli or npm install –g @angular/cli@latest

Step 3

To check the node and angular CLI version, run command ng –version on the console terminal

BY Best Interview Question ON 18 Aug 2022