ReactJS AngularJS
This is an open-source JS library used for building user interfaces and uses a controller view pattern. This is a JS-based open-source front end web framework and uses an MVC based pattern.
It is developed and maintained by Facebook Developers. It is developed and maintained by Google Developers.
Based on the JSX programming language. Based on Javascript and HTML language.
It is straightforward to learn. Comparatively, it is difficult to learn.
It supports server-side rendering. It supports client-side rendering.
It has a uni-directional data binding methodology. It has a bi-directional data binding methodology.
It is based on a Virtual DOM. It is based on a regular DOM.

Note: Before getting confused with the plethora of React coding interview questions, you need to ensure the basics. This question will help you to understand the basics of reactjs and make you even more confident enough to jump onto the advanced questions.

BY Best Interview Question ON 19 Jul 2020